Sunday, 14 October 2012


After waiting impatiently for two weeks, my Lily Pulitzer Agenda came in the post last week!!
However since I was busy last week, it was not until today when I had time to actually flip through the agenda and I can say I am NOT disappointed as Lily has done it once again for me!

Now if you are not familiar with Lily Pulitzer, it is a well known American designer that is specifically for those who are in a sorority.
However Lily Pulitzer is not your average designer, oh no, far from it to be honest.All of her designs are bright and colourful which are really in your face. She ranges from dresses to bags to stationary (including agendas, phone cases and tumblers!) 
Here is a photo of the agenda I brought.
(edited using Instagram)

I chose the print 'Azalea Pink May Flowers'. As for the size of my agenda it is 'Large' and it is a hard back cover, which is brilliant since it would not get ruined easily.
One of the perks of the Lily Pulitzer Agendas (not only are they cute!) but it is a 17 month agenda so therefore my agenda can be used from August 2012 through to December 2013.
It retails for $26 (around £16).

Have you brought anything from Lily Pulitzer before?

Love Always,