Thursday, 6 December 2012


I am not a lipstick kind of girl, I think everyone who knows me would know that I do not wear any sort of colour on my lips, I just prefer tinted lipbalms so if it smudges then it would not be obvious.
I recently popped into Topshop (I am not a huge fan but recently Topshop is doing it for me) and I came across the 'beauty' area. Since I had to waste time as one of my friends was in the dressing room, I decided to swatch a few things.
I then came across Topshop's lipstick in Innocent.

I think this lipstick is mostly overlooked by others since it looks nothing how it is in the tube. I think everyone needs to swatch this against their skin because I feel as if it changes on everyone. (A magical colour changing lipstick?!?! Haha I think I'm losing the plot!)
It is a true rosey pink colour almost like my lips but better, with a velvet finish.
As for the formulation, I really like it. It is creamy so it is easy to use (I dab it on my lips and then blend with my finger to give a bit of colour) and it is also moisturising which I was really surprised at. As for how long it lasts on the lips, I would say it has a good lasting power as I simply apply this in the morning and when I arrive back home (around 7pm) it is still on my lips!
Plus the packaging is really cute! I am such a sucker for cute packaging.

You can buy Topshop lipsticks online (here) or in some selected stores for £8
I think I might pick up some more of their lipsticks!
Love Always,

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