Thursday, 17 January 2013


As I said in a previous post (which you can read here) I picked up a few gift sets from Benefit since they were on sale.
I have always wanted to try perfume from Benefit but I was a bit sceptical since they retail for £29.50 and I did not know how they smelt since I have never had the chance to actually smell them. However, I was recently browsing online and I saw that the Crescent Row Limited Edition Perfume Sets were discounted.

In this set, I got:
- Laugh with me Lee Lee - which is said to be a woody floral, with a light blend of citrus, jasmine and lilly blossoms. A naturally light scent with a classic feminine style.
- My Place or Yours Gina - this is supposed to be a woody oriental, that has an alluring affair of pink pepper, wild raspberry and patchouli. It is a seductively provocative scent with a 'flaunt it if you've got it' attitude.
- Garden of Good & Eva - which is a citrus floral. It is crisp and fresh.
Ring My Bella - which is a fruity floral. It is sweetly seductive.
The mini's contain 10ml whereas a full size product is 30ml, in my opinion it was definitely worth the money. 
As for the packaging, Benefit have definitely done it again. It comes in a little keepsake box and each 'cocktail' bottle is cute and chic. It is definitely a great little gift to test out, I may even buy a full size one.

Have you ever got any perfumes from Benefit? If so which one?

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