Monday, 7 January 2013


After seeing this on the Ciaté website and also Selfridges website (which I believe it was exclusive to Selfridges), I thought I should get it.
It is definitely a little twist to the chocolate advent calendar that we used to get when we were younger.
I actually ordered this from the Ciaté website since it was sold out in Selfridges. My calendar came much later since I ordered it at the end of November/beginning of December, nevertheless, it arrived and I was so excited to open every single door as the days came.
The advent calendar came with 24 Ciaté mini polishes which contained seventeen of their best selling and most popular polishes to four exclusive caviar polishes and also three mystery polishes.
 Here are all the polishes together:

 So on to the most popular nail polishes from Ciaté that was in the advent calendar:
(from left to right: Headliner (066), Twilight (072), Speed dial (023), Mojito (019))
(from left to right: Cupcake Queen (011), Angel Wings (090), Fade to Greige (071), Cutie Pie (026))
(from left to right: Vintage (018), Cookies and Cream (058), Power Dressing (063),
Big Yellow Taxi (074))
(from left to right: Dangerous Affair (013), Mistress (039), Halo (089), Cabaret (046),
Ladylike Luxe (059)

The four caviar polishes that came in the advent calendar were: 
 It even came with the funnel to help apply the caviar on to the nails.

And lastly the three mystery polishes were: 
As you can see they were all glitter polishes. Glass Slipper is a blue glitter, Magic Carpet is a purple glitter and lastly Enchanted Rose is a red glitter.

The only bad thing I can say about this advent calendar is that the glitter polishes were not 'wow!' however I still love them and all of the polishes apply like a dream! I still have to use the caviar polishes but I can not wait until I have a reason too.
The advent calendar retailed for £38, which is very reasonable as four of the Ciaté polishes would cost the same! A full size of the Ciaté polish is 13.5ml where as the mini's are 5ml, which are still a reasonable amount since you can actually try out the polish a few times to see if you want to purchase the full size. 
Would I purchase it again? YES! I cannot wait to see if Ciaté would relaunch this for 2013, hopefully they would!
Did you purchase the Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar?
If so I would love to read your thoughts on it.
Love Always,


  1. I'm so jealous that you had the Ciate advent calendar!

    Enjoy your new polishes. xxx



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