Saturday, 11 May 2013


I am not much of a 'blush person' however after looking at the new MAC Temperature Rising Collection for Summer 2013, I knew instantly that I wanted it! I went into my local MAC store and swatched every single item from the whole of the collection. The back of my hand was looking a little crazy, especially when I did not have anything to wipe it off with so my hand looked like I had a rainbow spit on me, no joke!
In the end I brought two eyeshadow quads, which are called 'Bare My Soul' (which you can read here) and 'Temperature Rising' (which you can also read here) and a blush.
There are two blushes in the collection, one is a peachy blush called 'Ripe for Love', the only reason I did not buy it was because I am not very fond of peach blushes and the other is called 'Hot Nights', which is the blush I did buy.
So today, I thought I would show you the last item I brought from the collection.
'Hot Nights' is a bright pink, which is highly pigmented, as you can see from the photos above. It does say it is FROST however I feel as if it is more of a satin finish.
As I said, it is highly pigmented so you will need to be very very light handed with this blush, I simply just dabbed my Real Techniques blush brush and it was more than enough for both of my cheeks.
As for the packaging for this blush, it reminds me of the NARS packaging. The only difference is that it is bronze in colour and not black. The packaging it self is not 'wow' but I still do like it.

MAC 'Hot Nights' Blush retails for £19.00, it still is on the website however I have a feeling that it will be sold out soon. Be sure to check your local MAC store as they may have it in stock.

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  1. It's a pretty colour !
    I will see if I can get is somewhere.

    1. It is really nice!
      If you find it then get it!! It will last for so long! :D


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