Thursday, 3 October 2013


I have quite a long list of products that I have yet to review so to start things off, I am going to review a product from NARS.
I recently made an order off of ASOS and I brought quite a few make up products, one of the products I brought was the Marie-Galante eyeshadow duo.

The Marie-Galante eyeshadow duo is described as an 'iridescent orchid' and 'regal blue'
 The shade on the left of the duo is a pale lavender purple that has a slight iridescence to it where as the shade on the right of the duo is a true 'jean blue' in my opinion, that has a slight purple sheen to it.
(one swipe, without using a primer)

As you can see from the photo above, the colour payoff is a bit sheer which is a disappointment but I think this is one of those eyeshadows that you would have to pack on quite abit, but nevertheless, I still love the duo and I know I am going to get some wear out of these shadows.
I do not have any purple or blue eyeshadows since I am kind of a 'neutral gal' so in that sense I am kind of glad that the shadows are not as pigmented but I know for sure that I will get a tad scared when using it. Of course the packaging is like all other NARS packaging, so it will eventually be covered in make up. The Marie-Galante eyeshadow duo retails for £25 but currently ASOS have dropped the price to only £17.50 (click here to purchase)

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