Wednesday, 27 November 2013


This year, MAC Holiday collection has really stood out to me, so as you do, I decided to purchase a few more things - so not good for my wallet!!
I picked up another lipstick from the collection called, Flair For Finery. I also brought another lipstick from the collection which you can read here.

Flair For Finery is a lovely nude. I actually do not own any MAC nude lipsticks as none have really caught my fancy, but this one obviously did. I think it will suit any skin tone.
It is more of a pinkish nude so it will not make you look dead when you apply it to your lips.
Plus it is a lustre, which is my favourite finish by MAC.

MAC have changed it up a little by making the lipstick bullet, have a matte black finish with gold accents, which is quite different from their usual packaging, I feel as if this looks much more fancy.

MAC lipsticks normally retails for £13 but for this lipstick is retails for £16.50.

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