Monday, 23 December 2013


Today has just honestly dragged on and to be perfectly honest, the weather has just made it even more miserable. It's been seriously windy and it has been raining all day...absolutely horrible London weather.
So in order to cheer myself up and get a little bit more in the Christmas spirit (2 more sleeps!) I decided to have a go at a little bit of nail art.

I have seen so many pins on Pinterest of spectacular looking nail art designs and I know for a fact that I cannot reproduce any of them. I just do not have the patience and it seems like as soon as I paint my nails, I have 10 millions things to do straight away, this is ALWAYS the case. However, I found one that looked quite easy to reproduce so I decided that I will show you my final outcome. Here are the actual nail polishes I used to recreate the look:
- Loreal - Soft Chinchilla - Nails Inc - Jermyn Street - Ciate - Dangerous Affair - Barry M - White - Revlon - Black Lingerie -
I decided to use Loreal - Soft Chinchilla for the face, I simply just applied it to the tips of my nails. I then applied Nails Inc - Jermyn Street (with a cocktail stick) on to my nails to create the antlers.
With Barry M - White nail polish I just added two dots per nail for the eyes and when this was dry I added two black dots to create the pupils by using Revlon - Black Lingerie.
Finally for the final touch I applied Ciate - Dangerous Affair to create the famous red Rudolph nose to each nail.
And this was my final result...
When this was all dry, I just applied a top coat (I used my Seche Vite top coat) to help make the nails smoother and more glossy.

A very simple and cute nail art design that is perfect for Christmas.
I would love to see your recreations so leave a comment below if you do recreate it.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


I have been on a real blush kick lately, I have never really been into it since my cheeks naturally get that 'flush of colour' even when I don't want it to (especially in those awkward moments) so that being said, I had no use for blush. Oh my, how things have changed! I am turning into a blush fanatic, especially when I saw the MAC Holiday 2013 collection, it seriously suck me in!
I decided to pick up the mineralised blush in Talk Of The Town.

Talk of the Town is described as a “warm brown base with yellow bronze.”
It is more of a peachy colour in my opinion, that has a frosted finish to it. Now this 'blush' if you want to call it that, has a lot of shimmer/glitter running through it which is perfect for those nights out but during the day, I use this more of a highlight on my cheekbonesAs for the application, it really did just glide on to my skin and a little definitely goes a long way with this.

Talk Of The Town retails for £22 and you can click here to purchase. Have you brought anything from the MAC Holiday collection?

Friday, 6 December 2013


I mentioned in a previous post that I was not much of a pigment kind of girl but obviously that has changed now. I brought two of the three Holiday 2013 mini sets from MAC and I am tempted to buy the third one too. The second mini set I brought was in Black/Gold, you can click here to read the other set that I brought.
The set comes with three pigments and two glitters, which are not safe for the eye/lip area.

 Naked is described as a “flesh beige with pearl.”
It is a beige with a soft, champagne shimmer-sheen running through it.
 Museum Bronze is described as a “rich taupe with gold pearl.”
It is does not look like anything special in the container but when applied it is a lovely medium-dark brown with warm, golden frosty finish.
 Gold is described as a “sparkly chunky gold.”
 Copper Sparkle is described as “super frosty copper flecks.”
It is a super pigmented, orange-copper that has a frosted finish.
 Black is described as a “sparkly chunky black."
Bronze Museum and Copper Sparkle are definitely my favourites from the three pigments in this set, they are just so pigmented and a little definitely goes a long way!

I am definitely on the fence about the third set in this collection which is more on the green side of the spectrum.
The set retails for £25.50 and you can click here to purchase. Have you brought anything from the collection?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I have never been a 'pigment' kind of girl, but this has changed ever since I saw MAC had released a set of mini pigments and glitters for their Holiday 2013 collection.
A few months back, I swatched one of their pigments in Kitchmas (adorable name!) and I really liked it but I put it back down as I said before, I was not a pigment kind of girl. When I saw the sets that MAC released, I was instantly drawn to two out of the three, I first brought the set in Silver/Violet which contains Kitchmas!!

 Vanilla is described as a “soft ivory white.”
It is more of a white gold with that has some warm undertones to it.
Kitschmas is described as a “shimmering pink mauve pearl.”
It is more of a pinkish lilac that has a frosted finish.
Pink is described as a “bright pink.”
 Push the Edge is described as a “deep bright purple with pearl.”
It looks like a lot more dark in the container but when applied it is a violet purple that has a pearly sheen.
Grey is described as “sparkly chunky grey.”
 In the set, two are glitters which are difficult to swatch and are not meant for the eye/lip area so I have to find a use for them - I have heard that you can use them for your nails!
But here are the swatches for the three pigments you get in the set: 
As you can see, they are super pigmented as to be expected, but again because they are pigments they are a little bit more difficult to work with as they tend to get everywhere, but they do come with a little stopper (as seen in the photo for Vanilla).
The set retails for £25.50 which you can click here to purchase.

I did buy another set from the Holiday collection so be on the look out for that.