Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I have never been a 'pigment' kind of girl, but this has changed ever since I saw MAC had released a set of mini pigments and glitters for their Holiday 2013 collection.
A few months back, I swatched one of their pigments in Kitchmas (adorable name!) and I really liked it but I put it back down as I said before, I was not a pigment kind of girl. When I saw the sets that MAC released, I was instantly drawn to two out of the three, I first brought the set in Silver/Violet which contains Kitchmas!!

 Vanilla is described as a “soft ivory white.”
It is more of a white gold with that has some warm undertones to it.
Kitschmas is described as a “shimmering pink mauve pearl.”
It is more of a pinkish lilac that has a frosted finish.
Pink is described as a “bright pink.”
 Push the Edge is described as a “deep bright purple with pearl.”
It looks like a lot more dark in the container but when applied it is a violet purple that has a pearly sheen.
Grey is described as “sparkly chunky grey.”
 In the set, two are glitters which are difficult to swatch and are not meant for the eye/lip area so I have to find a use for them - I have heard that you can use them for your nails!
But here are the swatches for the three pigments you get in the set: 
As you can see, they are super pigmented as to be expected, but again because they are pigments they are a little bit more difficult to work with as they tend to get everywhere, but they do come with a little stopper (as seen in the photo for Vanilla).
The set retails for £25.50 which you can click here to purchase.

I did buy another set from the Holiday collection so be on the look out for that.

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