Friday, 24 January 2014


I have been meaning to do some DIY blog posts ever since I started blogging, but the problem was that:-
a) I did not know what I wanted to 'DIY'.
b) I did know what I wanted to 'DIY' and it came out horribly wrong.
However, this year I have made it my mission to be a lot more patient and not want to get things done straight away, I guess you can say that I am a typical Virgo since as soon as I have an idea I want to do it ASAP! Not exactly a good thing, but I have always been like that.
So in today's post, I have decided to just show you all how I have re-vamped or 'DIY-ed' and made into a really cute container.
 What you will need to recreate this is:
- an empty candle holder,
- ribbon - which should be able to go around your candle holder with a tiny bit extra.
- an assortment of buttons for that added touch (this is optional).
 And as for the equipment, you will need:
- a ruler,
- a permanent marker,
- a hot glue gun.
 Firstly, to create this, you will need to measure the height of your candler holder and then decide where you would like to place the ribbon. I decided to hit the 2 inch mark on my candle glass holder.
 I then went around the glass and simply marked a tiny dot, where the 2 inch mark would hit. This makes sure that the ribbon will be even around the glass.
Secondly, where the dots were on my glass, I dabbed on some glue with the hot glue gun and placed the ribbon accordingly.
 And here is the finished result with the ribbon around my candle holder.
 Since I did not what to see that overlap of ribbon, I decided to use a random button that I have in my button jar (does any one else have a button jar just in case one falls off??)
And TADA!!! This is my finished result. I absolutely love it and the great thing is that it goes with the decor of my room and I can use it for just about anything, e.g. cotton buds, cotton pads, nail name it! Remember anything goes if you wish to recreate this, if you do then please make sure you leave a comment below telling me. I would absolutely love to see it!

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