Thursday, 23 January 2014


Ever since this palette came out around the end of last year I could not take my eyes off of it BUT I was lucky enough to get given the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette for Christmas. So yes, this is a long awaited post but I have been having such trouble finding good lighting since it gets dark SO quickly...can Summer come any quicker??
So I have had my eye on it for a while but it was not something I would have brought myself as it does contain a lot of colourful eyeshadows and I am most definitely a neutral eyeshadow kind of gal, but that being said, it is not like I would not get my use out of this palette. 
In 2012, Urban Decay released the first Vice palette and whilst that palette was lovely, it just did not stand out a whole lot to me, where as the Vice 2 palette really caught my attention.
Unlike the Vice 1 palette, Vice 2 comes in a sturdy plastic case that has a lovely marble effect of different shades of purple, it is also embossed with the 'UD' logo.
The palette itself comes with a huge mirror inside, which is definitely a plus, but in order to open the palette it comes with a button, which is definitely handy and much more convenient.
The Vice 2 palette also comes with a dual ended brush.
It comes with 20 brand new limited edition eyeshadows and as usual, the eyeshadows are really pigmented and do not have much fall out.
- Smokeout - Is a black with a satin finish.
- Lovesick - Is a black that contains micro glitter.
- Shellshock - Is an intense metallic silver.
- Coax - Is a pink that has slight gold shimmer
- X-Rated - Is a pink with a satin finish
- Prank - Is a lovely dark navy that has some teal shimmer.
- Madness - Is a cool toned blue with a frost finish
- Strike - Is a yellow toned gold with a frost finish
- Stash - Is a muted olive green that has gold/dark green shimmer
- Poison - Is a grey with teal shimmer
- Radar - Is a brown with gold glitter
- Damaged - Is a true emerald green with a metallic finish
- Voodoo - Is a cool toned purple that has some purple shimmer
- Betrayal - Is a duo chrome purple that leans towards blue
- Derailed - Is a taupe with a metallic finish
- Dope - Is a warm toned pink with a satin finish
- Toxic - Is a metallic rose gold 
- Habit - Is a matte light beige
- Ambush - Is a bronze with a metallic sheen
- Rewind - Is a matte brown

The ultimate stand out shades for me in this palette are Shellshock, Prank, Betrayal and Toxic. They are nothing like I have already and they are super pigmented and just so soft to work with.
The Vice 2 palette retails for £42.

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