Thursday, 24 April 2014


H&M is definitely overlooked in terms of cosmetics, more specifically their nail polishes. I purchased some Sally Hansen nail polishes from the Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear range when I was in Vegas and one that I chose was a popular nail polish colour which is Pacific Blue.
However I noticed that I have a very similar (if not the same) colour in my collection already, which is H&M Blue My Mind.

As you can see from the photos both nail polishes look very similar. Pacific Blue and Blue My Mind are a cobalt blue colour and both have a creme finish. Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is much more brighter than H&M Blue My Mind, but I have to say this is hardly noticeable in real life. Pacific Blue has a slightly thinner formula than Blue My Mind, however both can be opaque in just one coat, but for the above finish, I did two coats.

Now the Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear range is not very accessible in the UK so if you love this colour then be sure to purchase Blue My Mind from H&M.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


When I was in Vegas, I popped into Sephora and I saw the Marc Jacobs beauty counter, I decided to just buy a lipstick (more precisely a lip gel) and the one I settled for was in the shade Role Play (110). As expected, the packaging is very sleek and put together. It just looks and feels expensive. Plus it has a magnetic closure and is quite weighty, about the same as a YSL lipstick.

 The lip gels are very different to any lipsticks I have tried before. They are supposed to have a longer lasting finish along with being highly pigmented, and they are exactly just that. With just one swipe on my lips, it is completely opaque which is great!
Role Play is a dusty rose colour and one of the great things about this lipstick, is that there is no shimmer running through it nor is a completely matte or glossy. It is the perfect shade to wear everyday. In terms of how it feels on your lips, they are highly creamy and they do not dry out your lips, which I tend to have an issue with most lipsticks. The Marc Jacobs Lip Gels retail for $30, hence why I decided to settle for a 'fool-proof' colour and only one.
The question that now bothers me is when is Marc Jacobs Beauty going to be released here in the UK? I know it has only gotten to some parts of Europe so I am guessing sometime in August/September (hopefully!).

Marc Jacobs Lip Gel // $30

[EDIT: Apparently, Marc Jacobs Beauty has already been secretly released and is only available in Marc Jacobs stores, I know there are 2 (there maybe more) in London]

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Here is another post from my time in Vegas, I know you may be sick of them but I promise I only have another one left! I mentioned in a different post that, when I was in Walgreens I only picked up two items, a nail polish  (which you can read here)and an eyeshadow trio. The eyeshadow trio was by Covergirl in Shimmering Sands.
I have had my eye on this one for so long and many people say that one of the shades is a dupe for MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow.
 The trio itself comes with obviously three shimmery shades (hence the name), all which are wearable for everyday use.
 Now they are not individually named so I decided to number them so show how they swatch.
(swatched without primer)
Shade (1) is a light brown shimmery shade, shade (2) is a taupey champagne colour and shade (3) is a  pinky white shade.
I am guessing that the middle shade is a dupe for All The Glitters but I do not have that eyeshadow so I cannot compare. However I have noticed that shade (3) is a dupe for MAC's Phloof!!

Even though I am glad I got this trio, my only regret is that I did not buy any of the Covergirl mascaras or lip products! What are your favourite Covergirl products?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


When I was in Vegas in February, I obviously went to Sephora and as you may know Sephora tends to have little travel sized beauty products near the tills, so as I was waiting I saw a set of Deborah Lippman nail polishes for only $20! I literally picked it up without caring what colours were inside (my inner nail polish addict kicks in!), the set itself is called 'Best of Both Worlds' and I believe it was a part of the Christmas 2013 gift sets but I may be wrong.
 So inside the set was the famous Deborah Lippmann glitter nail polish called Happy Birthday and a lovely pink nail polish called She Bop. Both these nail polishes are mini sizes (8ml, the original size is 15ml)
 Here is how the nail polishes look when applied on your nails.
Happy Birthday is a multicoloured glitter in a clear base, I have shown in the photo below how it looks with one and two coats.
 She Bop is a true Barbie pink colour with a creme finish, I managed to get away with two coats but I think the may be better with three coats.
 The set also came with a little make up bag which is covered in multicoloured glitter like Happy Birthday. This bag can fit both nail polishes and maybe even a third mini Deborah Lippmann polish.
As I said before this set retailed for $20 and I cannot find it on the Sephora website but it may still be in the shops.
Deborah Lippmann is definitely one of my favourite high end nail polishes

Saturday, 12 April 2014


A few months ago, I went to Vegas and of course I shopped until I dropped (this literally happened!)
I popped into Sephora (as you do) for one thing and one thing only and that was to have a glance at the Marc Jacobs Beauty counter. I fell in love. I could not resist buying things and the one thing that really caught my eye were the nail polishes. I decided to be reasonable and only buy one that REALLY stood out to me. I settled on one that was really unique (in my eyes) and that I have nothing like it in my collection and so I brought Le Charm.
The packaging is so sleek and stylish, I love it! As you can see, Le Charm is a described as being a metallic copper with rosy shimmer, and to be perfectly honest, this is exactly what it is. At every angle, when the light catches your nails, the polish looks either more coppery or rosy. 
(two coats, natural light)
I only needed two coats for the above finish, and I did not bother with a top coat. As you can see I have some slight chipping on my pinky and middle finger but these photos were taken on day 4 of wearing the polish. Le Charm is truly unique and different than most nail polishes, I have not seen any dupes but there will probably be one somewhere. Le Charm retails for $18 and is available in Sephora.

Even though Sephora now ships to the UK, nail polishes are one of the items that cannot be shipped so unless you're going to the USA, you will have to wait a while until Marc Jacobs Beauty arrives here in the UK, however I've heard that it is available in the Sephora's in Paris (France), I guess that's one step closer to the UK.

Thursday, 10 April 2014


When I was in Vegas, I popped into Walgreens since it was right next to my hotel (I stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel) and I made my way to the beauty section. To be honest, I got a little overwhelmed and the products that I wanted to initially buy I didn't. But I did pick up two products, one being a eyeshadow trio (I will post a separate blog post of that soon!) and another being a nail polish, which is Sally Hansen - Mermaid's Tale.
 Mermaid's Tale is supposedly meant to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across The Universe, so instead of spending $18 for that, I thought $6 was such a good deal.
 Mermaid's Tale contains large hexagonal green and blue glitter along with smaller blue flecks in a black/blue jelly base.
(three coats, natural light)

For the above finish, I did three thin coats and I did not use a top coat. I would have done four coats but I was in a rush when I was applying this. Now many people complain about glitter nail polishes and how difficult it is to get an even finish, however I found with this polish it was a fuss free application.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Like anyone else I know, I have a bad habit of online shopping. Although I am currently on a spending ban until the end of May (it's been tough!) I have a lot of posts that I wanted to put up, so this post is going to be a haul on three Butter LONDON nail polishes I brought last year.

So last year, I picked up three Butter LONDON nail polishes (it was 3 for 2) from their Spring 2013 collection.
I decided to pick up the following:
- Molly Coddled, which is a pure lilac.
 (two coats, natural light)

- Cuppa, which is a very light tan.
(two coats, natural light)

- Kerfuffle, which is a peachy pink.
(two coats, natural light)

Even though, these are from the 2013 Spring collection, I truly do love the colours and I think everyone needs to have them! I especially love Kerfuffle, even the name sounds hilarious yet cute. I am currently eyeing up on the current Spring collection, are there any that catch your eyes? Butter London retails for £12 and you can buy it at Look Fantastic (which offers student discount too!)

Monday, 7 April 2014


I popped into House of Fraser the other day when they had the up to 25% sale on and instead of browsing I came across the Michael Kors beauty counter and I just had to pick up the nail polish in Hint.
 Ahh, the box looks so fancy!
 But the bottle looks spectacular!
 The packaging is just lovely, it has a gold cap which you pull off and there is a 'cheap-looking' white plastic handle which you unscrew for the brush. This kind of put me off a little, as I was not expecting to see it since the bottle is just fabulous, but there's always a downside isn't there.
(two coats, natural light)
Hint is a camel tan colour which has a creme finish. To be perfectly honest, it not like I do not have any nude nail polishes but a girl can never have enough right?
The whole collection contains 6 colours and in my opinion, they are a little too 'safe' in terms of the colour selection is a bit boring as there is not a huge selection to choose from. There is a red, white, fuchsia, purple and an almost blackish brown.

The Michael Kors nail polishes retails for £15 however with the 10% off beauty products (plus another 10% for student discount) I brought it for £12.15, which is decent considering it is the same price as an OPI nail polish.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


I have been so busy lately that I just have not had the time to blog, Uni has just been intense however I have a few Vegas blog posts that are going to come up soon, so be on there look out!!
(you can follow the blog on BlogLovin' so you can keep up to date)
So this month is nothing special, but I have found a few old favourites and even a new favourite!
1. Vera Wang Lovestruck eau de parfum (30ml) - Like any other beauty blogger, I am horrible at describing scents but with Lovestruck, it is not a sickly floral smell. If you like Marc Jacobs Daisy then you will like this one too!

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Uzi - I was recently clearing out my handbags and I found a few beauty products that were still in my bags, this was one of them. I prefer to use grey eyeliner for everyday use just because it is not as harsh as black but then again not as boring as brown. Uzi is one of my favourite glide on pencils by Urban Decay.

3. Benefit Brow Zing kit in Deep - I have been using the brown wax that is in this brow kit for my brows. It is easy and simple especially for when I am in a rush to get ready for uni, this is what I grab because leaving the house without doing my brows just feels weird to me.

4. Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara - there is no way this is clear anymore but I have been using this in conjunction with the Benefit Brow Zing. It helps to keep my brows in place and it helps to even out the colour from the brow kit.
5. Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover - Ever since I finished my last bottle of the Botanics eye make up remover I have been on the look out for another oil based eye make up remover. Now I did find the Clinique one but spending £17 on just an eye make up remover is a little bit ridiculous so I found this one by Nivea and it's great. Plus it only retails for aroun£3/£4!!

6. MAC Hot Nights blusher - I brought this last year and I found it a little bit difficult to work with as it is truly a hot pink blush, however now I can't seem to stop wearing with especially when applied with my Sigma F50 brush or the Real Techniques stippling brush.

7. Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover foundation in Medium/Deep (07) - I do not use this as foundation as it is seriously full coverage so instead I use it as a concealer. I simply apply this on any redness on my cheeks that I have been having this month and it completely conceals them. Plus it lasts all day!

8. MAC Soft and Gentle mineralize skinfinish - Whenever I want to highlight my cheekbones these last few months, I have been instantly gravitating to this. It is not too chunky and it just gives you an instant lift especially when my skin looks a bit dull.

What have you been loving in the month of March?

Thursday, 3 April 2014


I have seen this go around on YouTube for a while now and I thought that I should do my take on the tag.

1. Best Packaging

This was probably one of the easiest questions I have to answer, and that is my YSL City Drive palette in Classy. It has a very chic look to it with it's bold graffiti on the face of the palette. Definitely one of my favourites.

2. Best Color Payoff

This was slightly more difficult to choose, but I settled with my NARS Ride Up To The Moon palette, all of the colours are super pigmented and are just so buttery. Perfect for a quick no fuss eye look. Even though they are all shimmery colours, I prefer to use these for nights out. I did a blog post on this palette last year, which you can read here.

3. Most Versatile

This has to be my Bobbi Brown Smokey Cool Eye palette from last year's Holiday collection (2013). It has six eyeshadows, that range from matte to sparkle. Perfect for any sort of day time look which can be easily changed into a night time look.

4. Best for Traveling

Okay, so I am kind of cheating here because I chose my Urban Decay moonflower palette. This palette has four slots that you can change with any eyeshadow, most definitely great for travelling since I can choose any four Urban Decay eyeshadows and just simply slot them in.

5. Biggest Regret

This was probably the most difficult question to answer as well, but I have to say my MUA palettes. Now these are no exactly expensive (around the £5 mark) and they are not poorly pigmented either but the reason why I chose these palettes was because I simply just do not use them since I have other eyeshadows that are much more similar, if not, the same. Plus a few of the shades tend to cause a lot of fall out and some of the shades are difficult to work with such as the black and dark green.

6. Best Color Names

Hands down, my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. I have a dedicated blog post for this palette which you can read here.

7. Least Used

Unfortunately, I have to say these are my MAC quads from the Temperature Rising collection (which released early last year (2013)). Now the colours are lovely but I just do not have enough reasons to wear them, but I really do like these. Plus I do kind of forget I have these quads! 

8. Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island

Probably like any other beauty blogger, I am going to say the bog standard Urban Decay NAKED palette. This was my first ever palette that I brought and it has lasted me for so long! I remember putting off buying this palette when UD first launched it, however as soon as it sold out I just needed it in my life and I was so glad when UD released it again a few months down the line. It is perfect for anything, from a simply wash of colour to an intense smokey eye, most definitely my desert island product. Plus it is super pigmented so no need for a primer!

That's pretty much it for my Perfect Palette Tag.
Feel free to leave your take on the Perfect Palette tag because I would love to know your answers.