Wednesday, 16 April 2014


When I was in Vegas in February, I obviously went to Sephora and as you may know Sephora tends to have little travel sized beauty products near the tills, so as I was waiting I saw a set of Deborah Lippman nail polishes for only $20! I literally picked it up without caring what colours were inside (my inner nail polish addict kicks in!), the set itself is called 'Best of Both Worlds' and I believe it was a part of the Christmas 2013 gift sets but I may be wrong.
 So inside the set was the famous Deborah Lippmann glitter nail polish called Happy Birthday and a lovely pink nail polish called She Bop. Both these nail polishes are mini sizes (8ml, the original size is 15ml)
 Here is how the nail polishes look when applied on your nails.
Happy Birthday is a multicoloured glitter in a clear base, I have shown in the photo below how it looks with one and two coats.
 She Bop is a true Barbie pink colour with a creme finish, I managed to get away with two coats but I think the may be better with three coats.
 The set also came with a little make up bag which is covered in multicoloured glitter like Happy Birthday. This bag can fit both nail polishes and maybe even a third mini Deborah Lippmann polish.
As I said before this set retailed for $20 and I cannot find it on the Sephora website but it may still be in the shops.
Deborah Lippmann is definitely one of my favourite high end nail polishes

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