Wednesday, 23 April 2014


When I was in Vegas, I popped into Sephora and I saw the Marc Jacobs beauty counter, I decided to just buy a lipstick (more precisely a lip gel) and the one I settled for was in the shade Role Play (110). As expected, the packaging is very sleek and put together. It just looks and feels expensive. Plus it has a magnetic closure and is quite weighty, about the same as a YSL lipstick.

 The lip gels are very different to any lipsticks I have tried before. They are supposed to have a longer lasting finish along with being highly pigmented, and they are exactly just that. With just one swipe on my lips, it is completely opaque which is great!
Role Play is a dusty rose colour and one of the great things about this lipstick, is that there is no shimmer running through it nor is a completely matte or glossy. It is the perfect shade to wear everyday. In terms of how it feels on your lips, they are highly creamy and they do not dry out your lips, which I tend to have an issue with most lipsticks. The Marc Jacobs Lip Gels retail for $30, hence why I decided to settle for a 'fool-proof' colour and only one.
The question that now bothers me is when is Marc Jacobs Beauty going to be released here in the UK? I know it has only gotten to some parts of Europe so I am guessing sometime in August/September (hopefully!).

Marc Jacobs Lip Gel // $30

[EDIT: Apparently, Marc Jacobs Beauty has already been secretly released and is only available in Marc Jacobs stores, I know there are 2 (there maybe more) in London]

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