Saturday, 12 April 2014


A few months ago, I went to Vegas and of course I shopped until I dropped (this literally happened!)
I popped into Sephora (as you do) for one thing and one thing only and that was to have a glance at the Marc Jacobs Beauty counter. I fell in love. I could not resist buying things and the one thing that really caught my eye were the nail polishes. I decided to be reasonable and only buy one that REALLY stood out to me. I settled on one that was really unique (in my eyes) and that I have nothing like it in my collection and so I brought Le Charm.
The packaging is so sleek and stylish, I love it! As you can see, Le Charm is a described as being a metallic copper with rosy shimmer, and to be perfectly honest, this is exactly what it is. At every angle, when the light catches your nails, the polish looks either more coppery or rosy. 
(two coats, natural light)
I only needed two coats for the above finish, and I did not bother with a top coat. As you can see I have some slight chipping on my pinky and middle finger but these photos were taken on day 4 of wearing the polish. Le Charm is truly unique and different than most nail polishes, I have not seen any dupes but there will probably be one somewhere. Le Charm retails for $18 and is available in Sephora.

Even though Sephora now ships to the UK, nail polishes are one of the items that cannot be shipped so unless you're going to the USA, you will have to wait a while until Marc Jacobs Beauty arrives here in the UK, however I've heard that it is available in the Sephora's in Paris (France), I guess that's one step closer to the UK.

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