Monday, 7 April 2014


I popped into House of Fraser the other day when they had the up to 25% sale on and instead of browsing I came across the Michael Kors beauty counter and I just had to pick up the nail polish in Hint.
 Ahh, the box looks so fancy!
 But the bottle looks spectacular!
 The packaging is just lovely, it has a gold cap which you pull off and there is a 'cheap-looking' white plastic handle which you unscrew for the brush. This kind of put me off a little, as I was not expecting to see it since the bottle is just fabulous, but there's always a downside isn't there.
(two coats, natural light)
Hint is a camel tan colour which has a creme finish. To be perfectly honest, it not like I do not have any nude nail polishes but a girl can never have enough right?
The whole collection contains 6 colours and in my opinion, they are a little too 'safe' in terms of the colour selection is a bit boring as there is not a huge selection to choose from. There is a red, white, fuchsia, purple and an almost blackish brown.

The Michael Kors nail polishes retails for £15 however with the 10% off beauty products (plus another 10% for student discount) I brought it for £12.15, which is decent considering it is the same price as an OPI nail polish.

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