Monday, 26 May 2014


I mentioned in a different blog post how Deborah Lippmann is one of my favourite high end nail polish brand (which you can read here) and so it was no surprise that I had brought another polish when I was in Vegas. I decided to pick up Deborah Lippmann - Mermaid's Dream.
Here is a close up of the bottle:
And here it is when applied on my nails:

(two coats, natural light)
Mermaid's Dream is truly unique. It is a sea foam green nail polish that has gold shimmer running through it along with blue chunky glitter. I managed to only use two coats for the nail polish to be opaque on my nails and I did not use a top coat either but you can for an even glossy finish.
Now glitter nail polishes can be a right pain to remove, however with this one, I did not have any difficultly to remove it.

Deborah Lippmann glitter nail polishes retail for £18/$20.
Look Fantastic - (click here to purchase)
Sephora - (click here to purchase)

Saturday, 24 May 2014


It has been about a year since I last did a magazine freebie post, but to be perfectly honest, I cannot remember I actually brought a magazine, shocking I know!!
So yesterday I was browsing in WHSmith and I came across this beauty.
First things first, did I need it? No.
But most importantly did I want it? You better believe it!
I picked up two issues of InStyle because it came with a free Nails Inc nail polish and the shades are exclusive to InStyle!
By the way, doesn't Nicole Kidman look gorgeous!! 
I picked up two shades, which are Sugarloaf Sunset (a true pink) and Sao Paulo Streets (very light beige), I decided not to pick up the third shade that is available (which is a reddish coral) because I know I wouldn't wear it as much.

I also noticed that the Benefit Porefessional was free in another magazine so there seems to be some good offers going on this month.

This freebie is until the 5th June so be sure to pick yours up soon!
Be sure to let me know if you pick any other freebies up!

Friday, 23 May 2014


I try not to have many 'dupes' in my collection, but when you have as many nail polishes as I do, you are bound to have some nail polishes that are exactly the same even if you try to say 'no they're different!' 
So the other day I found a dupe for one of my favourite MAC nail polishes called Hyperion, for a cheaper alternative by H&M which is called Chill Out.
Now I would have never noticed this until I thought it would be easier to sort my collection via colour, I got fed up half way through but I am glad that I found this dupe, so much so I obviously had to share it with you guys!
 As you can see, in both bottles, the shades look exactly the same. Both Hyperion and Chill Out is a pale dusty aqua and both have a creme finish.
Here is how they look on the nails:
Hyperion by MAC is much more on the thinner side in terms of formulation and it can be streaky, plus you would definitely need two or more coats for an even finish. 
So I have to say that my favourite from both is Chill Out from H&M, just because the formula is slightly more thicker and you can get away with just one coat.

Plus Hyperion by MAC was limited edition so if you love the colour then definitely pick up the nail polish from H&M.

MAC nail polishes retail for about £11 whereas H&M retails for about £3 (click here to purchase)
Definitely a big difference in price.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


This month has been the month of 'I forgot I had this'..yep I'm guilty of forgetting products that I have and I have made it a mission to go through my stash of all things beauty and see what I have and to change a few things up. So that is exactly what I did this month and I found a few old favourites..
 1. Sigma F10 brush - I have been using this brush especially for blush this month. It helps to provide such an even finish and I have to use less product than usual.
2. Phyto 7 Hydrating Day Cream for dry hair - This is one of the products that I forgot I had and I do not know how I forgot about this! I have been using it every single day by just applying it to the ends of my hair, and the great thing is that it does not weigh my hair down. It really made a difference with how dry my hair had gotten.
3. Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press - This is a 2 in 1 product, as it is a hairspray and a heat protectant. The fact that it is 2 in 1 means less of a hassle in the mornings which is great for whenever I was in a rush to do my hair, which is normally every week(!). 
 4. Benefit Dallas box blush - I have been loving this blush so much so that I have been wearing it every single day this month. In the box, it looks nothing special but when applied to your cheeks, it just gives off a really lovely dusty rose pink finish. It's great!
5. NARS Laguna - As the sun is now shining, I have been lacking some warmth to my face because of the colder months and NARS Laguna was perfect to provide a bronzed look as it is not too orange nor too ashy, just perfect!
 6. Benefit BrowZing in Deep - Again, I have been obsessed with the the brow wax in this kit. It is perfect to fill in my brows and setting it at the same time.
7. MAC Cremesheen glass in Fashion Scoop - This was my go to lipgloss this month and I took it everywhere with me. I brought this back in November as it was a part of MAC's 2013 Holiday collection, click here if you wish to read my product review on the whole set.
8. Loreal Infaillible Indefectible Retractable Eyeliner in Chocolate Addiction - I have been lining my eyes with brown this past month, just to change it up a little and this was one of my favourite brown eyeliners I used. It gave such a fresh look and definitely helped to open up my eyes a little.

I cannot believe I have neglected so many great products that where hiding in my stash.