Friday, 23 May 2014


I try not to have many 'dupes' in my collection, but when you have as many nail polishes as I do, you are bound to have some nail polishes that are exactly the same even if you try to say 'no they're different!' 
So the other day I found a dupe for one of my favourite MAC nail polishes called Hyperion, for a cheaper alternative by H&M which is called Chill Out.
Now I would have never noticed this until I thought it would be easier to sort my collection via colour, I got fed up half way through but I am glad that I found this dupe, so much so I obviously had to share it with you guys!
 As you can see, in both bottles, the shades look exactly the same. Both Hyperion and Chill Out is a pale dusty aqua and both have a creme finish.
Here is how they look on the nails:
Hyperion by MAC is much more on the thinner side in terms of formulation and it can be streaky, plus you would definitely need two or more coats for an even finish. 
So I have to say that my favourite from both is Chill Out from H&M, just because the formula is slightly more thicker and you can get away with just one coat.

Plus Hyperion by MAC was limited edition so if you love the colour then definitely pick up the nail polish from H&M.

MAC nail polishes retail for about £11 whereas H&M retails for about £3 (click here to purchase)
Definitely a big difference in price.

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