Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I went into MAC the other day because I wanted to find an eyeshadow that I could use for my brows. Even though I love using my Benefit Brow Zings kit (more specifically the wax that comes in the palette), I felt like I needed a change and opted to get a new brow powder. I settled on the shade Brun but then when I saw the new Kelly Osbourne Collection, I noticed that there was a brow duo in the collection and Brun was included, so I decided to pick that up instead.
 The Kelly Osbourne collection comes in a bright lavender colour, which is nice compared to the standard black that MAC is known for.

 The duo comes with both two of MAC's most popular shades, Soba and Brun, which are both permanent shades.

Soba is described as being a 'soft taupe with a Satin finish' but when I swatched it, it is more of a golden brown which has some shimmer which you can see in the pan, but this is barely noticeable when swatched.
Brun is described as a 'dark brown with a Satin finish'. It definitely is a dark brown which is perfect for my brows since they are darker than my actual hair, which is more of a true brown. I found Brun to be more matte when swatched which is great considering I am going to use this for my brows - no one wants shimmering brows!

Even though these shadows are marketed as being brow products, I would still use them as eyeshadows as they are lovely everyday colours, plus the fact that these are already in a compact palette, they would be great for travelling.

You can still buy this brow duo from the Kelly Osbourne collection from the House of Fraser website for £22

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