Monday, 21 July 2014


I said in a previous post that I have neglected a handful of nail polishes and one of them is Chanel Frenzy.
It is described as being a 'lilac grey' but I would say it is more of a light mushroom nudey beige colour, that has a cream finish.
 Frenzy was my all time favourite, so much so that this is my second bottle! It is a little on the thinner side in terms of formulation however after a good shake, it is good to go. I have to do three coats for a more opaque and even finish to my nails but I actually do not mind having to do a third coat because the shade is just an exception for me! In terms of drying time for this nail polish, fortunately it dries pretty quickly.
One of the best things about this nudey beige Chanel polish is that it does not give the impression of 'mannequin hands' which can look odd. I normally do not bother with a top coat for Chanel Frenzy because it has a glossy finish and so it looks clean, sleek and elegant on the nails.
Many people say that Chanel nail polishes chip like no other but I find that Chanel Frenzy looks perfect until the third day which is normal for me and that is without a topcoat. 

Chanel Frenzy retails for £18 (click here to purchase)

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