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I mentioned in a previous post that Nails Inc had a sale going on and I brought two collections, the first was the Soft Focus Collection (click here to read and see swatches) and the second is the Blossom Collection, which contains more pink tones. The whole collection contains eight full sized nail polishes which range from glitters to mattes and to creams finishes.
 (two coats, natural light)
London is described as being a 'mink nude polish', it is definitely a mink colour. I had no problems with the polish being patchy or streaky on my nails and it dried to a cream finish.
 (three coats, natural light)
Kensington Square is described as being a 'pastel pink lilac polish'. It definitely has no lilac in the polish (that I can see) but it is more of a true pink than a pastel pink, it is more brighter in person. Although I like this shade, I found it to be very streaky, I had to do three coats and even then I am sure I needed another coat as it seemed to drag.
 (one coat, natural light)
Adam's Row is described as a 'pink, red and white square polish' and that is definitely what it is along with some hexagon shaped white glitter and little specks of white running through a clear base, here I have applied it over Kensington Square. I found that the square glitter to be a tad bit difficult to work with as they would not necessarily stay on your nails if you were to do another coat without it being completely dry.
 (four coats, natural light)
Providence Court is described as a 'iridescent cream polish'. I found this difficult to work with as I needed four coats for it to look somewhat opaque, I think this over darker nail polishes would look lovely, it also has a matte finish.
 (three coats, natural light)
Hamilton Mews is described as being a 'matte pink shimmer polish' and so again, this is also a matte nail polish but it was easier to work with as I only needed three coats for an opaque finish. Unfortunately when it dries you can see the brush strokes but I think with a top coat, these can be not so visible.
 (three coats, natural light)
Weighhouse Street is described as a 'pale blue polish', again I found this to be streaky on my nails so I needed three coats for it to be opaque. Also you can see the brush strokes when this polish has dried, again I think a top coat would sort this out but I have nothing like this in my collection.
 (two coats, natural light)
Palace Gate is described as being a 'rose glitter polish', it has red and some multiple coloured circle shaped glitter along with fine specks of silver running through a clear base, here I applied two coats over London.
(two coats, natural light)
Sugar House Lane is described as a 'nude sprinkles polish'. This is probably one of my favourites from the whole collection. When Nails Inc launched the Sprinkles range, I was excited to check them out but I never had a chance to, so when I saw that this was in the collection, it honestly made me what to buy it even more. It has white, silver and black glitter running through a nude base, I definitely have nothing like it in my collection.

Overall, my favourite nail polishes from the whole collection is definitely Sugar House Lane, London and Kensington Square (although it is streaky but I can get over it). The Blossom Collection is still on the Nails Inc website (click here to purchase) for only £20, which is definitely reasonably priced as for just one full size Nails Inc polish it is £11.

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