Saturday, 30 August 2014


I have been into using different things this month, and so the majority of them became my favourites for the month of August.
The first make up product I discovered this month was the Too Faced LashGASM mascara, this definitely lengthens my lashes so much so it almost looks like I have lash extensions on. I will be posting a review on this mascara soon, so be sure to follow my blog on bloglovin' to see when that is posted.
Next was the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, I brought this when I brought the cleanser but it was not until the beginning of this month that I started to use it. The pads are essentially thinner cotton pads which are soaked in the product, I just use one pad every other night and whilst the smell is a tad bit chemical/alcohol-y, the results are great, it exfoliates whilst keeping those pesky minuscule break outs at bay. Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover, it is an old favourite of mine that I started to use in conjunction with the TooFaced LashGASM mascara, because it is oil based, it makes it much easier to remove my mascara without pulling my lashes from the root, as it is much more gentle, it really reminds me of the Boots Botanics eye make up remover, that I used to love years ago!
I have been gravitating towards my Bobbi Brown Cool Smokey palette, but more specially the darkest shade called Caviar, it is a black matte shade, so I have been using this to create a smokey and softer looking eyeliner, like all Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, it is so easy to blend and it is very long lasting without the need for a primer. Unfortunately, this was a limited edition palette that came out during Christmas so I doubt you can buy the shade individually, but Caviar normally pops up in limited edition palettes quite often!
Next are two NARS products, which I have fallen back in love with again.
 The first is NARS powder blush in Deep Throat (again with the explicit names), because this is a mini deluxe sample, I tend to forget I have this individually (I have it in a palette too) and so it is unloved compared to other blushers I have. Deep Throat (ahem!) is supposedly a shimmery peach shade but personally I find it to be pink, almost like Orgasm from NARS but with no chunky glitter. I have been loving wearing this during the beginning of August when it was still hot out, since it just gave a healthy glow to the skin.
The second product is the NARS bronzing powder in Laguna, whenever I reach for a bronzer, I always reach for this one, I just know it will work for me no matter what. Laguna is a brown shade with hints of shimmer running through it, although when I apply this to my skin I cannot see the shimmer at all! It helps to create a definite bronzed goddess look (minus the goddess - haha!) without looking muddy or even orange on my skin. Hands down one of the best bronzer's I have used ever!

If I said to buy one NARS blush, it would be Deep Throat, it just seems to work well with everyone I have tried it on, no matter what their skin tone was.

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