Sunday, 17 August 2014


When I was walking around Covent Garden the other day, I came across a Benefit Cosmetics Boutique and I just had to go in. There is something about the Benefit Boutique's that I just love, it is so girly and fun that just seems to invite me in, I always love walking and looking around in the Boutiques, one of the great things is that the sales associates are not pushy, they allow you to have a look but you know they are there when you need them.
I picked up a few things when I was there, the first was the new hydrating tinted lip balm in the shade Lollibalm.
Lollibalm is described as 'candy orchid' and I agree, although it is not purple when swatched, it is a cool toned pink which is sheer but it can be built up. Lollibalm is considered to be the sister product of Lollitint, now although I do not have Lollitint, I was told that by using both in conjunction with one another, it creates a more intense colour, which makes sense.

Personally, my lips are fairly pink anyways so by using Lollibalm on top, it does create a more intense shade, without looking purple. I tend to have issues with tinted lip balms drying out my lips, which defeats the purpose I guess, however Lollibalm contains mango butter and sodium hyaluronate, which helps to penetrate the skin and hold onto the moisture.
Plus the packaging does not disappoint when it comes to Benefit, it feels expensive and it even looks expensive! Each tinted lip balm matches the corresponding tint, so each are different which helps to differentiate one another.

Benefit Lollibalm Tinted Lip Balm retails for £14.50 and I think I might pick up another shade soon!

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