Thursday, 14 August 2014


I have a tendency to buy products and just wait until the equivalent product has finished before I use it, doing so I forget what I have and how great the products may be. This has happened again, but with an old favourite duo, I am talking about my favourite nail duo by Butter LONDON.
The Butter LONDON Hardwear top coat, used to be my go to before I came across the Seche Vite topcoat, and I honestly do not know why I stopped using this. It is much thinner in consistency and so you use less product but it also means it dries much more quickly. I noticed that, unlike the Seche Vite topcoat, Butter LONDON Hardwear does not 'shrink' my nail polish, which is a huge plus.

And if you are wondering, the P.D.Q on the bottle stands for 'Pretty Darn Quick'!

The Butter LONDON Nail Foundation, is not the same as the OPI Original Nail Envy, but it does help provide an more even coverage when using nail polish, unlike the Original Nail Envy. It dries down to an almost silky matte finish, which helps your nail polish to 'stick' to your nails more efficiently, as there are no unnecessary oils which would normally interfere. It also hides and smoothes any ridges or imperfections on your nails, almost like a foundation.

Also all Butter LONDON are 3 Free which means that all their nail polishes are free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. Recently Butter LONDON released a new topcoat and basecoat which provides a gel like finish, and when I have finished using these two.

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