Sunday, 28 September 2014


It is hard to believe that tomorrow, it is going to be my first day of my final year at University. I still remember my first day like it was yesterday, the anxiety of wanting to get all my books and start reading before Fresher's week had even ended!
To everyone who is actually bothering to read this post, I am currently studying Law (LLB) at a London University, and as daunting as it may sound, it actually is not that bad, and for those who are going into their first, second or even final year at University or College, or you've already started your new year, I thought I would mention a few things that I have learnt over the last two years.
1. Make friends.
As easy as this sounds, it is probably one of the most difficult thing I find to do. I have never been one to have an open conversation with the first person I meet. But making friends is vital, especially at university. In my first year, I did not bother making new friends, but in my second year, I became closer to a few more and it made the year a lot more easier. We exchanged notes and studied in groups when it was exam time, which made studying a lot more easier.

2. Books.
I am a typical Virgo, I want/need to be organised no matter what and so, at the beginning of my first year I was desperate to quickly buy all my books at my University bookshop, and whilst it was slightly cheaper than Amazon, I just wished I waited a little while to actually read/look at the books to see if I liked the layout. I want to be able to find something quickly and not having to skim through 10 pages just to find one sentence. Wait for your textbook list from your lecturer (important!) as some lecturers have 10 textbooks on a list but you will only need 2 for the whole year. Go to the library and find the books and have a read, if you like the look of it, rent the book out and try reading it for a week or so before you buy it. Check your University bookshop (if they have one) and online for book prices. Books can work out to be really expensive, I remember in my second year, one book it was £89, I recommend buying books second hand, there is nothing wrong with doing so and plus it is normally a lot more cheaper - I brought one for only £2.78 and it was practically brand new! Also talk to last year students (if you can) and ask what books they recommend, this normally helps.

3. Attend your lectures!
It is pretty tempting when you only go in three times a week to just miss a lecture here and there, but honestly that lecture that you missed because you wanted a lie in, would probably be on the exam. You're probably thinking 'oh that would never happen!' but I am telling you now, it will! Plus your bed will be there at the end of the day, even though it is tempting to stay in the covers.

4. To write or type?
I am a pen to paper kind of girl. I would prefer to quickly jot something down than to type it up, honestly, it is just a personal preference. Plus I find carrying a notebook and pen to lectures less of a hassle than carrying my laptop to every single lecture along with it's charger. But I know a few people who do carry their laptops to every single lecture and they find it much easier to do so.

5. Organise yourself.
This is probably the most important point, organise yourself. Print off handouts before your lectures and be sure to read the relevant chapters. File your notes and have a diary to put all your important dates down, from when your coursework is due to when the holidays are.

These are all the points I can think of at the moment, but if you know of any more then be sure to leave them in the comments below :)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Tom Ford. A brand that I have always admired from a far, yet it was not until recently I decided to splurge as it was my birthday yesterday. After looking and swatching the products for a good 15 minutes, I decided to leave it but it was not until I kept staring at a swatch of eyeshadow on my arm that I decided to go back and buy the eyeshadow quad in Golden Mink.
 The eyeshadow quad comes with a brown pouch which just makes it all the more fancier whenever I take it out. The packaging it definitely aesthetically pleasing, it comes in a sleek, quite large, brown palette which has gold accents. The quad has a magnetic closure and on the side of the palette it has 'TOM FORD' indented. It truly feels expensive. 
 And finally the quad!
 The palette itself comes with a large mirror along with two applicators, both with the sponge tip applicators, one with an angled brush and one with a pointed sponge tip applicator. These are not particularly useful to me but it is more of a novelty item I guess. Just look at the colours!
(swatched without primer, natural light)
 I obviously chose the quad that has the most neutral colour selection from the range, as I would get the most use out of it. So the quad itself comes with two glitter eyeshadows (on the top row) and two satin eyeshadows (on the bottom row), now there are many mix reviews about this quad as it has two glitter eyeshadows but I honestly do not care, I love it!
The first glitter eyeshadow is a golden ivory eyeshadow. The second glitter eyeshadow is a warm peachy bronze eyeshadow, both these glitter eyeshadows have a warm undertone to it. 
The first satin finish eyeshadow is a beige with silver undertones and finally the last satin eyeshadow is a brown eyeshadow, both these eyeshadows have a cool undertone to it.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quads retail for £62
Expensive yes, but I am in love with this eyeshadow quad!

Monday, 22 September 2014


So you may not know but today is my birthday. Yes I am another year older and at the age of 22 (woah!) I guess I am another year wiser. I have been referring today as my 'golden year', 22 years old on the 22nd! And so, I thought I would show you my (not so) golden manicure.
I chose my favourite Illamasqua Shattered Star nail polish -'Trilliant', now this is not a golden nail polish by any means but with it's intense glitter, I thought it was suitable for the Birthday Girl to wear it. It is a muted beige-y pink, with silver chunks of glitter and shimmer running through it.
One of my biggest pet peeve, when it comes to nail polishes, is the number of coats I need to do before I have an opaque finish and luckily with this one, I simply had to do two coats for a more even and opaque finish, I could have even gotten away with just one coat. Trilliant dries in a semi matte and has a textured finish when dried, I decided to apply my Seche Vite top coat for a slightly more glossy finish but it still has some texture to it.
Trilliant is one of my favourite nail polishes in my whole collection and even though this was limited edition, it is still available on the Illamasqua website.

Saturday, 20 September 2014


Brows. I remember when people used to thread, wax or pluck their eyebrows to next to nothing but now, the bigger and bushier your brows are, the more appealing they seem to be. Personally for me, I am in the middle between the two, my preference it not too thin but not too thick, it has to be just right, like Goldilocks. Saying that, I thought it would be a good idea to show you all what I use to keep my brows in check.
 My first point of call is to groom the bad boys, I use my EcoTools Spoolie Brush to simply brush through my brows, if needed I use small curved scissors to just cut any frays, especially towards the centre of my brows, as they have a tendency to grow quite long. In between my visits to my beautician, I simply pluck any hairs that I see with my Tweezerman Tweezers, I normally last around 6-8 weeks before I 'lose' my shape and I have to let them grow a little to get them threaded again. When filling my brows in, I have always used the Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara, as my brows tend to fly about in the wind, I also used the Sigma E65 brush to fill them in.
I love using the Benefit BrowZings, more specifically the wax in the kit, it acts like a two in one product, it fills in any sparse areas whilst helping to set my brows in place. If I have a little bit more time in the morning, I turn to MAC Brun eyeshadow, I finally found an eyeshadow that was not warm toned to fill in my brows, I use this with the Sigma E65 brush which helps to distribute the product much more easier and I use the Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara to set it in place.
If I am in a complete rush, then my go to product is the Maybelline Brow Drama brow mascara in Dark Brown, it just works so well and it does not leave your brows feeling 'crispy' like you have put hair spray on it, I find this to be the exact same as the Benefit Gimme Brow (£17.50), the only difference is the shape of the brush, but at a mere £5 I am not complaining, I actually returned the Benefit brow mascara because I found it to be exactly the same as the Maybelline one.

My brows are most definitely not sparse or fair, I have fairly thick dark brows, but sometimes you just need that little bit extra 'oomph' and I do not leave the house without at least filling in my brows, it just frames your face and makes you look more awake than you are!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Urban Decay is my go to brand for eyeshadows, they are just so buttery and pigmented that they apply and last like a dream. One thing I never thought I would have brought was a lipstick from the brand, but I am so glad I did! I brought Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Streak a few months ago and I have been loving it ever since that I thought it deserves a dedicated blog post.
UD Revolution lipstick in Streak is described as a 'coral pink' and that is exactly what it is! At £15, the formula is so creamy and buttery (just like the eyeshadows!) that they simply glide on the lips whilst providing an opaque finish with just one stroke. Streak is definitely not matte by any means but it just gives your lips a slightly glossy sheen to it whilst being hydrating at the same time.
Just like UD eyeshadows, Streak is also long-lasting, I apply this once in the morning (around 9-ish) and at 2 o'clock, I can still see it on my lips - it is slightly faded but I found these lipsticks almost create a stain to your lips for bonus long lasting coverage.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


The other day I popped into Westfield's and I saw that there was a KIKO on the top floor, I have never seen it before so I just had to go in! I have never tried anything from KIKO before and I saw the new Daring Game collection for F/W 2014 which is inspired by the Bond Girls. I swatched everything and I finally settled on simply three products.

The first is the Top Pairs blush in Raspberry Rose and Peach (02), this compact comes with two shades, one which is matte and the other which has a pearl finish. I settled on the second shade out of the three, simply because I do not have these shades in my collection. It comes in a sturdy embossed compact, with a very large mirror. As it comes with two shades, the barbie pink shade is matte whereas the peach shade has a pearl like finish when applied to your skin.

The seconds product I chose is the Golden Game Sculpting bronzer in Precious Sienna (02), this is a bronzing and highlighting duo. It also comes in a sturdy little embossed compact, with a large mirror so it is great for on the go! This is the darker shade of the two from the collection, as you can see from above, it has a darker third to the whole bronzer, brilliant if you're tanned at the moment (like I am!) so I can get away with using this both in the Summer and Winter. It also comes with a shimmery highlight that does not make you look like a disco ball!

Finally when I came across the Poker Nail Lacquers in this collection, I was in awe. I did not know which shade to choose, so I simply settled on a nude shade, called Prestigious Taupe (01). The Poker nail lacquers are enriched with such pigment that it creates a dense and even gel-like finish to your nails. I cannot get over the packaging either! It has a little pearly white cap that has a die like numbers on the top, which indicates the nail polish number. Also it comes with a wide brush so it provides a more even finish to your nails.

Friday, 12 September 2014


I have been having some issues with breakouts and so I wanted something to help combat that along with providing some protection since it has been a lot hotter recently. So when I was in Islington yesterday, I decided to pick up the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion with SPF 15 PA++ from the Benefit Cosmetics Boutique.
 Just look at the packaging, Benefit really does do the best packaging. The moisturiser comes in a blue glass bottle, which is fairly heavy and well made, it also comes with a 'cork' cover, I was surprised this came with a pump to be honest but I am so glad it does, it is just a little more hygienic.
The moisturiser is aimed for oily acne prone skin, and although I do not have oily skin, I am definitely at the moment, acne prone. It is super lightweight formula and so it is easily absorbed into the skin, it does not feel greasy afterwards, which is a plus. It is fairly fragrant almost floral/powdery, which I tend to avoid when it comes to moisturises, I prefer my perfume to smell not my skincare, but this does fade within seconds.

The Triple Performing Facial Emulsion hydrates the skin with the tri-radiance complex, which delivers an immediate and long term hydration to the skin. It also contains SPF 15 PA++ which helps to protect the skin from any sun damage. It is also rich in antioxidant and Vitamin E for just that little bit of extra care that your skin needs. Although this is aimed for oily skin, my (dry) skin just seems to drink this up, next on my list to try is the Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion. Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 retails for £21.50 for 50ml, which is a little bit expensive for a moisturiser but it just seems to work so well for my skin.

Monday, 8 September 2014


TooFaced is a brand that I honestly had not heard of until a few years ago. The only few products I tried was a the Sweetheart blush trio and a holiday eyeshadow palette and so far I am impressed, I was in need of a new mascara and after cruising around the aisle in Debenhams, I decided to pick up the TooFaced LashGASM mascara.
Here are before and afters of my lashes by using the LashGASM mascara.
LashGASM mascara is meant to enhance your lashes with a 'rich and creamy, vitamin-infused formula to soften and stimulate lashes for the ultimate LashGASM', with it's lash-gripping rubberised wand, it is much easier to create volume and length from the use of the shorter combs.
I often have difficulty with mascaras as I can never find a medium, it either creates too much volume or length and that is something my sparse looking lashes cannot afford! However with this mascara, I find it to be somewhat in that medium and it is definitely giving my love for Benefit They're Real mascara a run for it's money!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


A few weeks ago my sister went to Rome and asked if I wanted anything. The one thing I asked her to get was a Sephora Formula X nail polish, simply due to two reasons, the first was I regretted not buying any when I went to Vegas earlier this year and the second, even though Sephora finally ships to the UK you cannot add nail polishes to your basket.
The shade I decided to pick was Love Chemistry. As you can see, Love Chemistry. is just so 'wow!', it is described as being a 'champagne and pink 3D glitter' polish. However, the more I looked at this polish, the more familiar it looked and I have finally figured out why! It is a dupe/rip off of 'A England She Walks In Beauty', a tad bit disappointing for Sephora to copy an Indie brand. In terms of the formulation and longevity, I found this to be opaque with just two coats and it lasted on my nails for about 3 days without a top coat, although I do highly recommend a topcoat for a glossy finish.

Love Chemistry is a part of the Sparklers collection which retails for $12.50/€14.90