Sunday, 28 September 2014


It is hard to believe that tomorrow, it is going to be my first day of my final year at University. I still remember my first day like it was yesterday, the anxiety of wanting to get all my books and start reading before Fresher's week had even ended!
To everyone who is actually bothering to read this post, I am currently studying Law (LLB) at a London University, and as daunting as it may sound, it actually is not that bad, and for those who are going into their first, second or even final year at University or College, or you've already started your new year, I thought I would mention a few things that I have learnt over the last two years.
1. Make friends.
As easy as this sounds, it is probably one of the most difficult thing I find to do. I have never been one to have an open conversation with the first person I meet. But making friends is vital, especially at university. In my first year, I did not bother making new friends, but in my second year, I became closer to a few more and it made the year a lot more easier. We exchanged notes and studied in groups when it was exam time, which made studying a lot more easier.

2. Books.
I am a typical Virgo, I want/need to be organised no matter what and so, at the beginning of my first year I was desperate to quickly buy all my books at my University bookshop, and whilst it was slightly cheaper than Amazon, I just wished I waited a little while to actually read/look at the books to see if I liked the layout. I want to be able to find something quickly and not having to skim through 10 pages just to find one sentence. Wait for your textbook list from your lecturer (important!) as some lecturers have 10 textbooks on a list but you will only need 2 for the whole year. Go to the library and find the books and have a read, if you like the look of it, rent the book out and try reading it for a week or so before you buy it. Check your University bookshop (if they have one) and online for book prices. Books can work out to be really expensive, I remember in my second year, one book it was £89, I recommend buying books second hand, there is nothing wrong with doing so and plus it is normally a lot more cheaper - I brought one for only £2.78 and it was practically brand new! Also talk to last year students (if you can) and ask what books they recommend, this normally helps.

3. Attend your lectures!
It is pretty tempting when you only go in three times a week to just miss a lecture here and there, but honestly that lecture that you missed because you wanted a lie in, would probably be on the exam. You're probably thinking 'oh that would never happen!' but I am telling you now, it will! Plus your bed will be there at the end of the day, even though it is tempting to stay in the covers.

4. To write or type?
I am a pen to paper kind of girl. I would prefer to quickly jot something down than to type it up, honestly, it is just a personal preference. Plus I find carrying a notebook and pen to lectures less of a hassle than carrying my laptop to every single lecture along with it's charger. But I know a few people who do carry their laptops to every single lecture and they find it much easier to do so.

5. Organise yourself.
This is probably the most important point, organise yourself. Print off handouts before your lectures and be sure to read the relevant chapters. File your notes and have a diary to put all your important dates down, from when your coursework is due to when the holidays are.

These are all the points I can think of at the moment, but if you know of any more then be sure to leave them in the comments below :)

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