Sunday, 14 September 2014


The other day I popped into Westfield's and I saw that there was a KIKO on the top floor, I have never seen it before so I just had to go in! I have never tried anything from KIKO before and I saw the new Daring Game collection for F/W 2014 which is inspired by the Bond Girls. I swatched everything and I finally settled on simply three products.

The first is the Top Pairs blush in Raspberry Rose and Peach (02), this compact comes with two shades, one which is matte and the other which has a pearl finish. I settled on the second shade out of the three, simply because I do not have these shades in my collection. It comes in a sturdy embossed compact, with a very large mirror. As it comes with two shades, the barbie pink shade is matte whereas the peach shade has a pearl like finish when applied to your skin.

The seconds product I chose is the Golden Game Sculpting bronzer in Precious Sienna (02), this is a bronzing and highlighting duo. It also comes in a sturdy little embossed compact, with a large mirror so it is great for on the go! This is the darker shade of the two from the collection, as you can see from above, it has a darker third to the whole bronzer, brilliant if you're tanned at the moment (like I am!) so I can get away with using this both in the Summer and Winter. It also comes with a shimmery highlight that does not make you look like a disco ball!

Finally when I came across the Poker Nail Lacquers in this collection, I was in awe. I did not know which shade to choose, so I simply settled on a nude shade, called Prestigious Taupe (01). The Poker nail lacquers are enriched with such pigment that it creates a dense and even gel-like finish to your nails. I cannot get over the packaging either! It has a little pearly white cap that has a die like numbers on the top, which indicates the nail polish number. Also it comes with a wide brush so it provides a more even finish to your nails.


  1. lovely photos hun not had much Kiko makeup the blush looks gorgeous so pretty
    Carrieanne x

    1. This is was the first time I have tried KIKO and the quality is great - the nail polish is completely opaque with just one coat! I seriously recommend it! x

  2. May have just fallen in love with this brand!

    1. Me too! I don't know why it took me so long to try KIKO x


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