Wednesday, 3 September 2014


A few weeks ago my sister went to Rome and asked if I wanted anything. The one thing I asked her to get was a Sephora Formula X nail polish, simply due to two reasons, the first was I regretted not buying any when I went to Vegas earlier this year and the second, even though Sephora finally ships to the UK you cannot add nail polishes to your basket.
The shade I decided to pick was Love Chemistry. As you can see, Love Chemistry. is just so 'wow!', it is described as being a 'champagne and pink 3D glitter' polish. However, the more I looked at this polish, the more familiar it looked and I have finally figured out why! It is a dupe/rip off of 'A England She Walks In Beauty', a tad bit disappointing for Sephora to copy an Indie brand. In terms of the formulation and longevity, I found this to be opaque with just two coats and it lasted on my nails for about 3 days without a top coat, although I do highly recommend a topcoat for a glossy finish.

Love Chemistry is a part of the Sparklers collection which retails for $12.50/€14.90


  1. Wow this nail polish is just<3 Really loving this colour, and it's a pretty good colour for Christmas x


    1. I get so many compliments on this shade since it is so different. x


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