Monday, 8 September 2014


TooFaced is a brand that I honestly had not heard of until a few years ago. The only few products I tried was a the Sweetheart blush trio and a holiday eyeshadow palette and so far I am impressed, I was in need of a new mascara and after cruising around the aisle in Debenhams, I decided to pick up the TooFaced LashGASM mascara.
Here are before and afters of my lashes by using the LashGASM mascara.
LashGASM mascara is meant to enhance your lashes with a 'rich and creamy, vitamin-infused formula to soften and stimulate lashes for the ultimate LashGASM', with it's lash-gripping rubberised wand, it is much easier to create volume and length from the use of the shorter combs.
I often have difficulty with mascaras as I can never find a medium, it either creates too much volume or length and that is something my sparse looking lashes cannot afford! However with this mascara, I find it to be somewhat in that medium and it is definitely giving my love for Benefit They're Real mascara a run for it's money!

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