Tuesday, 21 October 2014


I have been loving wearing silver jewellery lately, so much so I thought I should show you my current favourite last minute details. I do not leave the house without wearing earrings, I just feel so naked without it. I have been wearing (cannot find exact pair but here is a similar pair) silver sparkly studs 24/7, these simply spruce up your outfit even if you are having a lazy day.
My Marc By Marc Jacobs Amy watch has been my ultimate 'arm candy' for the past few months. Personally, it does not scream designer although it does have MBMJ engraved around the dial, but it definitely unique by replacing some of the numbers with diamonds on the dial. Along with my watch, I have been wearing my Pandora Sterling Silver Threaded bracelet, I am not one for wearing too much jewellery on a regular basis but this paired with my watch just looked like a match made in jewellery heaven(!) I only have two charms on my Pandora bracelet, the first being a '21' charm for my birthday last year (which was when I got this bracelet) and the other is a die, which I brought when I was in Vegas this year! I also have two decorative charms, that also came with my bracelet last year.
For that added bling, I have been pairing my Pandora charm bracelet with my Swarovski tennis bracelet, although it is small and dainty, it catches the light and gives off a shine. I was given this for my birthday last year and although I do not wear bracelets all that often, I like to add a little something whenever I go out.
I tend not to wear all silver jewellery at once since I like mixing metals on a daily basis, but silver jewellery just looks so clean and chic, plus because it is 'cooler' than gold jewellery, I feel like it is perfect for this time of the year.

Silver Sparkly Studs // £10
Marc By Marc Jacobs Amy watch // £165
Pandora Sterling Silver Threaded bracelet // £55
Swarovski Tennis Bracelet // £74

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