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So this is a little new to me, well for my blog more specifically. In my two years of blogging, have never done a Q&A before, so I am a little excited to share my answers with you all. I also want to thank Brooklyn from A Fond Memory for tagging me on Twitter, it is honestly such a cool way to get to know other bloggers plus for you all to get to know me a little better.
Firstly, here are the rules for the award:
1)  Answer the questions sent to you.
2)  Nominate 11 bloggers who have under 200 followers on Twitter.
3)  Ask them 11 questions of your own.
4)  Notify them that you've nominated them.

Brooklyn's questions:
1)  What is your favorite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing has got to be communicating with you guys! As cheesy as it sounds, seeing your comments on my posts literally makes my day.
2)  What made you start blogging?
After reading beauty based blogs for about a year, I thought 'hey I could do that too!' and so in the Summer of 2012, FFPxo was born!
3)  What is the thing you find most challenging in running a blog?
Most challenging would probably be time management, since I am a full time student I am pretty busy with studying so making time to write blog posts is kind of difficult.
4)  What is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration would be my parents, I am who I am because of them.
5)  What is your biggest fear/pet peeve?
My biggest 'fear' are bees and wasps, I cannot stand them! As for my biggest pet peeve, it has to be big headed people, I mean, I do not understand how someone can talk about themselves 24/7.
6)  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully I would have a decent job in the legal area (as I am a law student) and hopefully I would continue blogging (if blogs are still a thing in 5 years time!)
7)  What are your go-to/everyday makeup products?
My everyday makeup products consists of a concealer, mascara and some sort of brow product, I have been loving the S&G Archery Brow Pencil lately, it makes such a difference.
8)  Do you feel self-conscious without makeup?
Honestly, no. I have fairly decent skin with the occasional breakout here and there but other than that my skin looks good.
9)  What is your favorite item of clothing?
Hands down it has got to be my leather jacket. I love how it just makes your outfit more edgy and as if you tried hard but really you did not.
10)  Who do you "aspire to be" (in terms of bloggers/youtubers)?
If I had to choose then I would probably say ViviannaDoesMakeup, from a fellow Virgo I feel like we are on the same wave length, plus her style is exactly like mine.
11)  If you could only shop at one clothing store, which would it be?
This was such a hard question to answer but I have to say Zara, their basics are just on point plus there is something for every occasion. 

Once again, thank you to Brooklyn from A Fond Memory for tagging me on Twitter. 
Here are my questions for you all to answer - even if I have not tagged you on Twitter then leave a comment below answering the questions, I would love to know!

1. What made you start blogging?

2. What is your most repurchased beauty product in your collection?
3. When you are feeling a little down, what is your go to product?
4. What would you describe your style as?
5. What is your go to make up look?
6. If you lost all your make up, what one product would you repurchase from each category? e.g. one foundation, one lipstick, one concealer etc.
7. Do you consider yourself a make up junkie?
8. What is your favourite make up product in your whole collection?
9. What is your least used make up product?
10. What is your holy grail skincare product?
11. What was the first high end make up product you ever brought?

I tag: @SLovesAutumn@PiccoloLovely, @BILLYGUMBEX@NiaElinorMair@Cdoesbeauty@Se7eNRamieL@NasedoStarGazer@JenAdoresBeauty@rosesandlips@SarahCrump93@LouiseBennalick.
I would love to see your answers to be sure to tag me on Twitter when you have answered these questions! :)

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