Thursday, 9 October 2014


A few of my close friends brought me the Dior 5 colours palette in Trafalgar (along with a few other products), for my 22nd birthday in September. This is probably the stand out product from the lot, the palette itself, is absolutely gorgeous and better yet it is one of the new five permanent palettes from Dior.

I am probably one of the most difficult person to buy presents for, now do not get me wrong, I adore everything I get but if someone was to ask me what I want, I would have no idea. So when I unwrapped this present, I was in total shock, I even surprised myself because I absolutely love it!
It does contain three 'wearable everyday' shades, which are a white iridescent shade (top right corner), a dark gold (bottom left corner) and a reddish brown (bottom right corner), along with a frosty light pink (top left corner) and reddish pink shade (centre shade).
I have been wearing this palette whenever I have been going out and for that added something, I have been lining my bottom lash line with the reddish pink shade. It is something I would not normally do, but because it is autumn, I feel like this is the time for reddish browny shades come into play.

Again, although this is a permanent palette, I have heard that it is practically sold out everywhere, so if you want one too, quickly go to your nearest Dior stand and pick one up!

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