Friday, 3 October 2014


Ever since Sephora started to ship to the UK I have been eyeing up certain products on the website and I finally caved and made an order. 
A few of the holiday sets are now online and I decided to pick up a few, the first that caught my eye is the Sephora Favourites Draw The Line set, it contains six (technically seven) eye liners, one being full sized which is a double ended Urban Decay eyeliner in Perversion and Rockstar. The set contains a mini Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Troopa, a mini Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner pencil in Blacquer, a mini NARS Larger Than Life pencil in Via Veneto, a mini Sephora Contour pencil in Black Lace and a mini STILA Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner in Dark Brown. This set is great if you want to try out different brands without paying full price for each item, it is also great to travel with as they are mini.
The second holiday set I picked up is the Marc Jacobs Beauty The Sky-Liner, again this is a eyeliner set that contains seven mini eyeliners. It contains the shades o(vert), brown(out), sunset, midnight in paris, th(ink), (plum)age and blacquer. The one thing I regret when I went to Vegas earlier on in the year, was that I did not pick up any other Marc Jacobs Beauty products as they are seriously so good! This set is a great way to try out different shades, especially since it is nearing to the holidays. This set also comes in a tin package, which would be a great gift for someone or a little keepsake!
I finally picked up a product from Bite Beauty, when I was in Vegas there were no stands for Bite Beauty in the Sephora stores I went to, so I did not have a chance to try out any of the products. I chose the Bite Beauty neutral luminous crème lipstick duo that contains the shades, lychee and musk. Again, as it is travel sized so it is perfect for on the go touch ups as it takes virtually no space. After hearing so much about the Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush #55, I decided to add that into my cart just to see what the hype is all about, I will give you all an update on this brush after I have used it a few times.
I also got the Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday set which contains the Make Up For Ever smokey extravagant mascara and the rouge artist lipstick in number 9.


  1. Oh I really, really wanted those mini Marc Jacobs pencils but I rarely wear pencils and have a couple of gorgeous urban decay ones so really couldn't justify it!
    I did try and place an order for the new hourglass blush palette which it wouldn't ship to me in the uk (to allow hourglass to charge £56 here vs the £35 it costs in the US, GGGRRR)
    So I abandoned the order, there were so many things like the Tarte blush palette I wanted but thought if I'm buying the hourglass one surely that's a lot of blush! Was also going to get the lash stash until I found they aren't enclosing the voucher for a full sized one this year.
    I'm trying to be good, I've just bought three bottles of perfume, some haircare and about to request some duty free from m.a.c - I'm not a trust fund babe sadly and just can't keep spending!!

    Xx sarah
    Tatty Bojangles // Rock Wifey | Beauty Blogger | Francophile

    1. I totally get what you mean by you can't keep spending but these holiday gift sets just suck me in!
      They are honestly great value for money. As for the hourglass blush palette, it's crazy that it is much more expensive here (nearly double the price!?!) maybe you could put it on your christmas list??

  2. I've got a friend I'm doing a beauty advent swap with and she's getting it from sephora Canada for me. ;-). Hurrah! Yeah the gift sets are damn tempting but managed to get my duty free mac Brooke shieldes palette for £60 so definitely not buying more lol!

    1. Ah the MAC Brooke Shields palette was so tempting but I decided not to pick it up - kind of regretting it now! Haha!

  3. Ah such an amazing haul! I spend far too much time in Sephora! Those Marc Jacobs eyeliners look so amazing! I absolutely adore Bite lipsticks too, I recently picked up the Holiday Lip Pencil tin, it has 4 mini Bite lip pencils and the tin it comes in is just the cutest! I really enjoyed this post, hope you enjoy your goodies! x

    1. Aw thank you! The MJ eyeliners are seriously so good - they last all day!! I have been eyeing up a few more Bite products just because the mini duo is so good!



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