Thursday, 20 November 2014


Kylie Jenner. The girl who has practically taken over the world with her lips over the past few months. Many are obsessed with her 'go-to' lip combo and honestly, I am pretty obsessed with it too. Last week, I finally made an order on Gerard Cosmetics since Jaclyn Hill (one of my favourite YouTubers, her make up looks are on point!) had a great offer going on. I settled on two lipsticks from her collection, in the shade 'Buttercup' and '1995'. 
'Buttercup' is described as 'the perfect pink nude' and it is exactly that. It has the perfect amount of pink so that it does not look like you've just applied concealer all over your lips. '1995' is a neutral shade that is inspired by 90s grunge and I can honestly say it does look like something that my mum used to wear in the 90s.
This shade was especially designed to be perfect for all skin tones and on my skintone (NC30 in MAC) it is not too dark nor is it too brown. 
I have been pairing these two shades together this past week, with Buttercup in the centre to lighten it up a little and I have been obsessed! Both lipsticks are matte and surprisingly they are not drying on my lips at all. I have a very hard time with wearing matte lipsticks because I find I can only wear it for around an hour or so before it feels uncomfortable, but with this combo, I have been wearing it for around 6 hours and it does not feel uncomfortable, since they are very creamy and hydrating.
Also, the packaging of these lipsticks are very fancy, it has a sleek gold reflective packaging with the same bullet shape as MAC lipsticks. They are also lighter in weight than MAC lipsticks.

At $19 they are a little more pricier than MAC lipsticks (just ever so slightly) however I used a 30% discount code (the code is: jaclyn) so from £11.65, I paid around the £8 mark, which is nearly half price for a MAC lipstick here in the UK. In terms of postage and packaging, I paid around £4 for p&p and I paid no pesky customs charges, which is great! I ordered it on a Monday, it despatched the following Wednesday (via USPS) and it then arrived the following Tuesday early in the morning (via Royal Mail), which is pretty good to be honest since it took about 5 working days to arrive.


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    1. I've been wearing 1995 everyday since and so many people have been asking what I'm wearing - which never happens! You need to get your hands on it too! x


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