Thursday, 13 November 2014


Last week I was walking around the beauty department in House of Fraser and I stumbled across this bad boy from Dior. Now I absolutely love Dior, it is probably my favourite high end makeup brand and so it was no surprised when I picked this up without any hesitation.
The Diorshow Iconic Overcurl set itself contains a full size Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara and an ever so cute mini 5 colours palette in the shade Montaigne 646. Now I had never tried the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara but I had high hopes and it has definitely not let me down.
The mascara is not too wet nor is it too gloopy and so it provides the right amount of volume to your lashes. I have quite sparse and short lashes, so I prefer to have length over volume just to open my eyes, however I find with this mascara that it is the best of both worlds, due to the shape of the wand itself.
What actually sold me for this set is the fact that it came with a mini eyeshadow palette, I do not know why but if something is mini, it just makes it more appealing. The palette is in the shade Montaigne 646, which contains 5 different variations of pinks and beiges.
The top left shade (TL) is a light pinky peachy shade that has a golden sheen to it, now when swatched it looks slightly more pink than peach. The top right shade (TR) is a light beige that has a more yellow undertone to it, it is also a matte shadow so it is perfect to help blend your eyeshadow. The bottom left shade (BL) is a light beige that leans more towards a light brown, it has a sheen to it which I quite like. The bottom right shade (BR) is a lot darker than the BL shade, it is a dark brown which a satin finish which is great to help darken your look. Finally the centre shade (C) is a warm light brown that has a matte finish, now when swatched it is very close to my natural skin colour so it was hard to swatch but I think in the photo above, you can see the natural colour.

As you can see the palette is very small but I find that this is perfect for whenever you are travelling and you do not want to take 274629473 eyeshadows with you. I was very surprised with the quality of these shadows, I thought they would be very chalky and hard to blend however they are very pigmented like all Dior eyeshadows that I have tried and they are definitely not chalky, plus they bend easily.
Plus the packaging is just lovely like all Dior palettes. If you want to get your hands on this then I suggest you run to your nearest Dior counter and pick one up, as it is already sold out on the House of Fraser website but I did find it on the John Lewis website.

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