Saturday, 13 December 2014


So in my last Sephora haul, I mentioned that I brought the Tarte Bon Voyage collector's set and so I thought that I should make a detailed post since the set contained quite a few products. The only thing I have tried from Tarte is the Amazonian concealer and so, personally I think this is a great way to try Tarte products if you haven't in the past. The french-themed Tarte Bon Voyage collector's set comes with four deluxe sized products, two full sized products and an eyeshadow palette which contains 20 shades, all in a large limited edition travel bag.
So the whole set comes with a deluxe sized Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara, a deluxe sized Majacuja oil, which can be used on your faces, hands and body plus it has a little mini pipette which made me get really excited to use it. It also comes with a deluxe size of the Smooth Operator Amazonian clay finishing powder, which can be used on top of your make up to set everything in place or alone. It also came with a deluxe sized Cheek Stain in Muse, which is limited edition. It is a browny beige with a metallic finish to it and whilst it may look nice as a blush, I can see myself using it more as a highlight since it is so metallic. The set also came with two full sized lip products, the first being the LipSurgence lip tint in Romantic which described as a peachy nude but I would say is more of a coral-pink with a glossy finish. The second full sized product is the LipSurgence lipgloss in Visionary which is a peachy coral shade with some shimmer running through it.
The next product in the whole set is an eyeshadow palette, which I was very excited to try out and to be honest, is what made me buy the whole set. The palette contains 20 exclusive full sized shades and the majority of the shades are matte, which is great! The palette has a very slim design and it can be tucked away without taking up much space.
So as I said before, the palette comes with 20 shades, all of which are very wearable neutral shades, along with some colourful (yet still neutral) shades, as you can see from the swatches below.
The top row of the palette are very purple toned, Palace of Versaille (matte) is a light pink shade which is great to use as a highlight. Moulin Rouge (matte), is a plummy taupe shade, this was hard to swatch as it is close to my skintone but you can still see it. I Think I Cannes (matte), is a darker plummy taupe with a hint of grey. My Own Cotes de Rhone (matte) is a much darker cooler purple and lastly, Boudoir Noir is a dark brown, this is a semi matte shade. 
The second row are more brown in tone, Fall in Louvre (satin) is a light beige and is a lovely highlight shade. Provence Upon a Time, is a dark warm-toned gold (frosted finish), Eiffel For You, is a medium toned olive brown shade (matte), whilst Too Haute to Handle is a dark bronzey brown shade and Bastille in the Night is a dark brown, both of these have a satin finish.
Chantilly Lace is a light beige with some shimmer running through it. Merci You Later (matte), is a dark taupe and is great to use as a transition shade. No Champagne No Gain, is a gold with a metallic sheen to it, this is probably one of my favourite shades in the whole palette. Take on Bordeaux is a dark brown with a satin finish and lastly, French Riviera is a dark green with a frosted finish.
Finally, the last row in the whole palette contains more greyish blue tones. C'est la Vie, is a sparkly pewter shade, which would be great to use on the centre of the eye. Marseille the Word, is a darker pewter grey, which has a pearly sheen to it. Play Nice, is a blueish purple shade which has a semi matte finish. On a Good Notre Dame is a dark black, which again has a semi matte finish to it and lastly, Le Cordon Bleu is a blueish purple, leaning more towards the blue side of the spectrum with a matte finish.
Overall, this whole palette has really lovely shades and although some are not as pigmented as I would like them to be, I still really like it since it is perfect for this time of the year, plus you can never have too many palettes right?!? 


  1. Great blog, I really want to try these products out!! x

    1. Aww thank you, you're too kind! Sephora does now ship to the UK and the best thing about it, is that you do not have to pay for customs!! Also, QVC sells a small selection of tarte on their website too. x


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