Sunday, 22 February 2015


If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen that I brought a little something from SpaceNK. Needless to say, I had £5 on my loyalty card which was going to expire soon and so I thought I should actually use it. I left the store with two things that day, the first being my first ever Diptyque candle and the second was a banging headache after smelling all the different candles, who knew there were so many different floral scents?!? I settled with Rosafolia which is limited edition and only available for a short amount of time. 
Rosafolia is described as being 'a scented candle whose verdure, enhanced by a touch of galbanum, is gracefully diffused at the heart of Turkish rose absolute, the softness of petals sharpened by the understated vitality from a hint of geranium.'
Now, if you have been a long reader of mine, then you would know that I am not fond of anything rose (and lavender) scented. I avoided smelling the Stella perfume because I knew it had a rose scent to it, but when I finally did I really liked it! This never happens, I do not know why I'm not fond of rose scents but I'm just not, but the Diptyque Rosafolia candle is something else. It does have a rose scent, I'll give it that but I would describe it as being 'green' in the sense that it smells like plants...yes,  I really do mean plants! 
With it's unique limited edition rose and ivy design, Rosefolia is truly something special. I still have it in it's box (which is gorgeous too!) and I can smell it. I have yet to burn this candle and I have to say that I am putting it off, the candle is so potent that there is no point in burning it.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Last week, MAC launched the Viva Glam x Miley Cyrus collection. Ever since I saw the promo last year I could not wait for it to launch, needless to say, I was excited. So on Thursday, I kept refreshing the MAC website and when it was finally available, I added it to my basket and checked out before it was sold out. The next day it came in the post and I was so excited.
The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, I mean..just look at it! 
Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick is described as being a 'hot pink'. Now it is an amplified finish, but personally I found it to be so not intense like other MAC amplified lipsticks can be, instead I would describe it as being a bright medium dark fuchsia pink with a satin finish. It is very opaque, which is nice if you really want to wear a bright lip but I have been sheering it out a little and it looks great! 
Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Tinted Lipglass is described as being a 'hot pink with sparkling pearl'. It is a sheer sparkly medium dark fuchsia pink and on it's own, it is not anything special but when applied on top of the lipstick, it is really something.

Like all Viva Glam lip products, every penny of the selling price goes towards helping women, men and children who are living with and are affected by HIV/AIDS, it is really a great cause which is one of the reasons why I love MAC. If you use the code 'MACTREAT' you can get free next day shipping and a sample of the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black mascara.

Monday, 16 February 2015


It's that time of year again when Benefit release something spectacular, last year it was They're Real push up liner and remover and this year, it is the new Roller Lash mascara. I've been a fan of Benefit ever since I got into make up (about 5 years now?) and they have never really disappointed me. I love their mascaras, especially They're Real, even though it can be a pain to remove, but when I heard about Roller Lash, I had a feeling I would really like it.
As you can see above, the wand is a little different compared to They're Real. I mean, yes it is a plastic wand, but it does not have the 'ball' on the end which makes it a little easier to grab smaller lashes. Instead the wand on this mascara is curved and I found the plastic bristles really grab onto your lashes, kind of like how rollers grab onto your hair - very clever Benefit! Now Benefit say that the 'Hook 'n' Roll brush patent pending hook design and position catches, lifts and curls' your lashes, I have to say that it really does all three!
Now I have to warn you all, here are some very up close and personal close ups on my eyeball..sorry!
Now I have to be honest, I personally found the formula of this mascara to be very 'wet'. Even though I do like it, I prefer my mascaras to be a little bit more on the dry side. I found if I was to do more than one coat, my lashes would look clumpy and spidery which you can see in the photo above when I did two coats. I do put this down to the formula being too 'wet', although I have been trying out this mascara for the past week or so and I do like it since it has dried out a little bit more and it definitely lengthens and lifts my sparse looking lashes.
At £19.50, it is not cheap considering it is a mascara but it is good (once it dries out a little of course)

Benefit Roller Lash mascara is free with this month's issue of ELLE magazine so if you do want to try it, I suggest you quickly go and get your copy of ELLE.

Monday, 9 February 2015


If I am honest, oils have always scared me. I used to run away from putting any sort of oil on my hair when I was younger (around the age of 15/16) and because of that, my hair and scalp got so dry. I now apply it every week and as a result, my hair is a lot more softer and it looks/feels much more healthy. 
So when I heard about face oils, I didn't think much of it. I have dry and sensitive skin, which is pretty much the worse combo ever! I thought my skin would react quite badly towards it (as it does with most products) and it would clog my pores, causes more breakouts and basically everything else under the sun. This past month, my skin went through a tough time, I was doing all nighters and with the stress of exams/assignments, I broke out like no man's business but due to the drop in temperature, my skin got a lot more drier, I had random flakey patches (TMI?). I asked on Twitter for some recommendations and whilst a lot of people replied back - thank you for that btw! I thought I should raid my stash before I go and buy something else.
I then found two face oils hidden in my drawer, the first is the Balance Me Extra Care Radiance Face Oil and the second is the Tarte Maracuja Oil.
Since the Balance Me Extra Care Radiance Face Oil is in a rollerball form, it is much easier to use first thing in the morning, before I apply any moisturiser on, as it creates no fuss. I simply roll this around my face, focusing more on my dry patches, and then I pat this into my skin. It very oil, in the sense that it does take a while for it to sink into the skin but after about 10 minutes, my skin completely drinks this up and it looks a lot more brighter. The scent is a bit hit or miss, it smells very herbal like but considering it is 100% natural, it is bound to smell like that. I found during the day, my skin did not feel dry, tight or irritated at all and I haven't broken out because of it!
The Tarte Maracuja Oil is one that I use at night. It has a pipette, which helps to distribute the product a lot more easier and anything that has a pipette, I am all for. After I have cleansed, I apply a few drops into my hands and press it into my skin. This is a very light weight oil compared to the Balance Me Extra Care Radiance Face Oil as it sinks into the skin very quickly and in terms of the scent, I do not find that it has an offensive scent, it just smells like an oil. Tarte have said that this oil is supposed to replenish, rebuild and brighten the skin and to be honest, I kind of have to agree since my skin feels and looks a lot smoother and softer. The Tarte Maracuja Oil has a high dose of Vitamin C, which helps to brighten the skin and helps to even your skin tone, now I have only used this for the past week so I can't say much about my skin tone but my skin does look a lot more brighter in the morning.

I tried using my Origins Drink Up Intensive mask before hand and even that did not work to get rid of my dry patches, and it normally does help. However, using these two oils in both the morning and the evening for the past week, I noticed my dry and flakey patches disappeared after two days so I was seriously impressed.

I have mini deluxe sizes of both products but I do not see myself finishing the product any time soon, I highly recommend them if you have been suffering from very dry skin lately.

Tarte Maracuja Oil (50ml) // £38.50/$46

Friday, 6 February 2015


It's that time of year again, when the weather has become colder and wetter and you seem to be stuck without an umbrella yet again! As much as I love the colder months, I really don't like getting ill. The last couple of months really effected my health, at the end of November/beginning of December I pulled 3 different muscles in my back (I don't know what I did to it!), needless to say I couldn't move at all and I was pretty much bed bound for most of the month. Fast forward a few weeks and I got the flu, pretty standard and expected, I didn't think much of it.
Now? Well if you follow me on Twitter then you would know that I now have food poisoning/stomach flu, all because I had a pasty the other day and now I feel like crap. I have a high temperature - not cool, I feel cold 24/7. I feel like I wanna be sick, but I don't want to even think about being sick. My appetite has gone, my legs ache and I just generally feel like poop.
I now feel like I have 'getting over being sick' down to a T, and so I thought I would show you all what I like to do whenever I'm ill. 

Get cosy. Grab a blanket, hot water bottle, your stuffed teddy, be whatever it is. Whenever I'm ill, I practically live in my PJs - actually I live in them whenever I have a day off and I'm not going anywhere, haha! 
Rest. Now is not the time to train for that marathon you've been planning for, instead it is the perfect time to catch up on some beauty sleep. I am not one for napping during the day, but whenever I'm sick, I nap all the time and I generally feel a lot better afterwards.
Have a little 'me' time. This probably depends on how you feel, but now is a great time to start reading that book you've been wanting to read. Paint your nails. Put on a face mask. I tend to like having really hot baths. Pop in a bath bomb and I'll be good for the next 45 minutes. I feel completely relaxed and all those aches and pains disappear.
Refresh yourself. Open the windows for some fresh air, or go for a walk (if you feel like it).
Eat clean. This is probably the most important point from them all. My skin gets pretty bad whenever I'm ill and so I like to stay hydrated. I stay away from things like chocolate/crisps and even tea/coffee since it can dehydrate you even more and instead I like to drink about 6/8 pints of water, now that might seem a lot but honestly it's not. I also like to drink fresh orange juice, it really helps me get better a lot quicker.

All in all, I really hate getting ill but on the plus side, I've lost 2 pounds since getting food poisoning but I will never have another pasty ever again!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Tarte is slowly becoming my favourite brand, recently I made another order off of Sephora and I had been eyeing up the Tarte Makin' Waves Summer Essentials Set for the past couple of months and I decided to just buy it. 
 The set comes with the Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Clay blush in Exposed (full size), a Tarte Lights Camera Splashes mascara (full size), the Tarte Amazonian Clay bronzer in ParkAve Princess (full size) and the Tarte LipSurgence in Exposed (full size). It also comes with a limited edition make up bag and the Tarte Airbrush Finish foundation brush, which comes in a limited edition print.
Last year when I went to Vegas, I regretted not picking up any of the Tarte blushes and the one that I had eyed up was Exposed, so the fact that this set contained Exposed, was just the icing on the cake for me. Exposed does not look like anything special in the pan however, it is a warm browny rose shade and when applied on your cheeks it just makes you look alive. The Park Avenue Princess bronzer was one that I was interested in using, I've heard such great things about it and I can see why. It is a warm bronze with gold shimmer running through it and when applied to your skin, it creates a nice bronzey glow, it does remind me of NARS Laguna. The Tarte LipSurgence in Exposed was one that I did not think I would like, however when I applied it on my lips, it was literally a 'my lips but better shade', it is a rose-y pink shade and so it is a great every day shade plus it is retractable!

The Tarte Airbrush Finish foundation brush is probably the most softest brush I have ever touched, I have yet to apply foundation with it but from what I can tell, I think it will be great to blend your foundation for a more even finish. I have been using the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara (a mini sample) and I have been loving using it so I think I will get along with the Lights, Camera Splashes mascara (waterproof) too, but I will report back on that later on.

In terms of the make up bag, it is a very large bag and it is great to travel with. I have a large selection of small/medium sized bags and whenever I have to travel, I always have to take multiple smaller bags, but now I can just put all my things in one - it's great!

Sunday, 1 February 2015


How is it the February already!?! I feel like January has really flown by, I was so caught up with exams and assignments that I barely had any time to breathe - okay, that's a lie, I did have time to breathe but you get what I mean. 
Due to the amount of assignments and exams I had, I had a lot of all nighters and because of that, I broke out like crazy (well crazy for me) on my chin and cheeks (which never really happens) and the one product that really helped to calm everything down was the Murad Clarifying Cleanser. I use this in conjunction with my Clarisonic and it really gets to work. It has a medicinal smell, which I'm not very fussed about but it also has a cooling effect when you wash it off. My skin felt so much more smoother and I noticed that my breakouts calmed down a lot, it also helped to get rid of those 'under the skin bumps'. 
I have also realised, whenever January rolls around it takes a huge toll on my hair. At the beginning of the month, it was a lot drier and it would break easily. The one thing that has never failed, is the Phyto 7 Hydrating Day Cream, I apply a pea size to the ends of my hair when it is wet and it made my hair a lot more softer and it looked a lot more healthier. It's great! Also, my scalp was very itchy this month (probably a combination of stress and the cold weather, TMI? - sorry!) and so, twice a week I applied a generous amount of coconut oil as a mask, and it has helped so much. 
The Lacoste Touch of Pink perfume was my go to this month, it is a very fresh yet sweet scent yet it does not make you smell like a cupcake. I used this so much this month that it is half empty! The Real Techniques Duo Fibre brush is new for me, I recently brought the RT Nic's Picks set earlier this month and whilst I do like the brushes, this was the one brush that I kept reaching for. Since it is a duo fibre brush, it picks up less product and so it was perfect to use with my Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, which are another favourite this month, I have written separate blog posts on these two, the shades I have are Sandstone and Copper Diamond.
In terms on what was on my nails this month, I had two shades that I kept going to. The first is Essie - Shearling Darling which is a very dark red and it is definitely my preferred shade of red, as I do not really like wearing brighter reds. The second is Michael Kors - Hint, which essentially just a darker warm nude shade, and because it is a nude shade you could barely notice when it chipped - which happened a lot this month!

This month was definitely a mismatch of favourites, I do not have any favourite lip products this month since I wore lip balms every day but I did mention my favourites in another post