Friday, 6 February 2015


It's that time of year again, when the weather has become colder and wetter and you seem to be stuck without an umbrella yet again! As much as I love the colder months, I really don't like getting ill. The last couple of months really effected my health, at the end of November/beginning of December I pulled 3 different muscles in my back (I don't know what I did to it!), needless to say I couldn't move at all and I was pretty much bed bound for most of the month. Fast forward a few weeks and I got the flu, pretty standard and expected, I didn't think much of it.
Now? Well if you follow me on Twitter then you would know that I now have food poisoning/stomach flu, all because I had a pasty the other day and now I feel like crap. I have a high temperature - not cool, I feel cold 24/7. I feel like I wanna be sick, but I don't want to even think about being sick. My appetite has gone, my legs ache and I just generally feel like poop.
I now feel like I have 'getting over being sick' down to a T, and so I thought I would show you all what I like to do whenever I'm ill. 

Get cosy. Grab a blanket, hot water bottle, your stuffed teddy, be whatever it is. Whenever I'm ill, I practically live in my PJs - actually I live in them whenever I have a day off and I'm not going anywhere, haha! 
Rest. Now is not the time to train for that marathon you've been planning for, instead it is the perfect time to catch up on some beauty sleep. I am not one for napping during the day, but whenever I'm sick, I nap all the time and I generally feel a lot better afterwards.
Have a little 'me' time. This probably depends on how you feel, but now is a great time to start reading that book you've been wanting to read. Paint your nails. Put on a face mask. I tend to like having really hot baths. Pop in a bath bomb and I'll be good for the next 45 minutes. I feel completely relaxed and all those aches and pains disappear.
Refresh yourself. Open the windows for some fresh air, or go for a walk (if you feel like it).
Eat clean. This is probably the most important point from them all. My skin gets pretty bad whenever I'm ill and so I like to stay hydrated. I stay away from things like chocolate/crisps and even tea/coffee since it can dehydrate you even more and instead I like to drink about 6/8 pints of water, now that might seem a lot but honestly it's not. I also like to drink fresh orange juice, it really helps me get better a lot quicker.

All in all, I really hate getting ill but on the plus side, I've lost 2 pounds since getting food poisoning but I will never have another pasty ever again!


  1. Oh no! Sounds like you've had the worst time the past couple of months :( Not good at all! But now you're an expert at making yourself feel better which is good. I agree with you that when you're not feeling your best you've just got to rest your body and let your illness run its course, and have some me time. You need to recuperate! Loved this post as it's quite different, but was really informative. Hope you're feeling better soon!
    Rachel @

    1. Thank you! & these last couple of months were terrible, but thankfully my stomach flu/food poisoning has gone now, so I can actually eat proper food! x

  2. Totally agree with every point here lovely. Especially the eating clean, I know a lot of people like to comfort eat when sick, but I feel so much better if I eat healthy. Also, get cosy is bang on, I'd add in "watch hours of your favourite series" to that though ;)


    1. Haha, how could I forget that!?! I have watched the whole of my Friends box set 538475 times, it never gets old! x

  3. to eat healthy food is the best way to live good!! i agree with what you write.

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  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling so bad lately :( When I'm sick, I just sleep and sleep, it's all I want to do. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    xo, Dolce
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    1. Oh thank you! Sleeping is the best way to rest whenever you're ill :) x

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    1. You're welcome, thanks for taking the time to read it :) x


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