Friday, 19 June 2015


The sun's out and it's that time of year, where we ditch the darker shades and opt for more brighter and fuss-free shades. I normally reach for peachy shades in the summer and so I thought I should show you all the products that I have been reaching for lately.
First up for blushers, I have obsessed with the new Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop, I brought this a few months ago and I have been using it ever since. It is a baked product and it is just amazing! I think Clinique is very underrated but I love everything from their range, especially their skincare. 'Peach Pop' is a stunning peach shade which has a hint of golden shimmer running through it and I think for the Summer time, this is perfect. The golden shimmer is barely undetectable, in fact I would say it is more of a sheen on your cheeks, and for the hotter months, it looks amazing!
A new product in my collection is the DIOR Nude Tan Tie Dye Blush in Coral Sunset, I had a huge amount of Boots Advantage points saved up and I thought I should just spend it. I have been saving for years now and I always thought I would get something special, and to be honest, I'm so glad I picked it up. It contains an array of shades and when swirled together, it looks stunning. It is lighter than the Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop, but it still has that sheen when applied on the cheeks. As usual, like all DIOR products, the packaging is just stunning!
An old favourite like I like to wear when it is warmer outside, is the Benefit Majorette blush. This came out last year and it is a cream to powder blush. Now in the pan, it definitely looks a little scary but when applied using a stippling brush (like the one from Real Techniques) is creates a natural flush of colour on the cheeks. I really like to wear this when it is hotter outside because I have found that it looks a lot better as the day goes on, plus it practically lasts all day on the skin.
Now on to lip products. One of my favourite shades to wear on the lips are peachy corals, and now because it officially summer, I can get away with wearing it every single day! The first peach lipstick I ever brought was the YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick in Peach Passion (13). The one thing I love about the YSL lipsticks, are that they are a one swipe-r, and by that I mean I can just swipe on the lipstick once, and it is so pigmented that I don't need to go over it again (the swatch below is just one swipe!). Another thing, is that they last for a very long time on the lips and they are not drying at all. Peach Passion is a true peach lipstick, which has a satin finish. 
A new lipstick in my collection is one from Bare Minerals. I have been obsessed with Bare Minerals lately and their Spring collection called Modern Pop, is right up my street. I wanted to get all three lipsticks from the collection but I controlled myself and I just picked up one called 'Express Yourself'. This is another true peachy shade and I have actually heard some people saying that the formula of these lipsticks are a little different compared to the others in the range but I have no complaints. Express Yourself is incredibly creamy and pigmented, in the swatch above, it is just one swipe.

Next up are two of my favourite satin lip pencils from NARS. Now I think these are limited edition but I just had to mention them. First up is Torres Del Paine, which again is a true peach shade and the other is Descanso, which is more muted than Torres Del Paine but either shades are amazing. I keep both on my bag at all times and because they are in a pencil form, they are easy to apply on the go. As these are limited edition, I don't think you can get them anymore but I highly suggest checking out the NARS lip pencils because all of the shades are amazing and I'm obsessed with all of them!

Clinique Cheek Pop // £16.50


  1. I love peach shades for summer. They go so well with a little bit of tan and just make your whole look very summery.

  2. That Benefit and Clinique blushes are beautiful!

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

    1. The Clinique blush is absolutely amazing, I cannot get enough of it :)

  3. So obsessed with Majorette and Peach Pop, so gorgeous, I can't stop wearing them.
    Great post.

    Sarah x

    1. Me either! I've been Peach pop nearly every single day since I got it!

  4. The Dior blusher is stunning. Such pretty shades! X


  5. I'm so loving peach at the moment. I want everything! Such a great post :) x


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