Wednesday, 26 August 2015


It's no surprise, if you follow me on Instagram, that I went a little crazy in Sephora. I have had a few items on my list which I wanted to see in person/could not ship from the US and so I allowed myself to pick them up this time around.
When I first entered Sephora, I went straight towards the nail polish display. Nail polishes are something that you cannot ship from the US and I had a few that I wanted to pick up so I decided to pick them up. I first picked up the Formula X The System set, which contains a cleanser, a primer and a top coat. The cleanser and primer sounded really interesting, so I can't wait to try this. I then picked up four shades from the range. I initially wanted Thrilling, which is the lighter grey in the photos above, however I picked up Virtuoso (the darker grey which is still equally as nice) by accident the first time around, so I went back and picked up the correct shade. I also picked up Infatuated (a pale blue) and Exclamation (a stunning rose). After hearing a lot about the Sephora instant nail polish remover for glitter, I knew I had to pick it up. I tried it as soon as I got back to my hotel room and it's amazing at taking off regular nail polish. Literally one 'dip' and it's off!
My cousin tried the Sephora Brightening and Hydrating Foundation, and it looked amazing on her skin so I wanted to pick up one for myself (I got the shade 33). I was actually lucky to find my shade because it was sold out everywhere! I've tried this once and I really like it on the skin. It covers my redness without clinging to any dry patches - it's great! I also picked up the Sephora Triple Action Cleansing water, which I've heard is pretty much like Bioderma but I wanted to see if it compares, plus the bottle is great because it comes with a pump!
I also wanted to pick up a face powder, which was not translucent, to help add some coverage but also to take away the shine. I tested a few and I kept coming back to the Sephora 8hr matifying pressed powder in medium (30). It is very finely milled and it feels very silky on the skin. A few years ago, I posted my first Sephora French haul and included the Sephora nano lip liner (which is still great) and so, I wanted to pick up a few more. I settled on just two shades, the first being Pale Beige (14), which is the perfect nude and Vintage Pink (12), which is a brighter rosy pink.
As my Kat Von D eyeliner has officially run out, I wanted to get a new eyeliner which was just as great, as unfortunately Kat Von D is not available in France. I came across the Sephora Fine Line eyeliner, which is a felt tip liner, however I looked past that when I tested it on the back of my hand. It creates such a thin line, which is great if you want a really precise line and/or you're just starting out with liquid liner.

So I did pick up a lot of Sephora's own range but I feel as if it is really underrated as they have amazing products. I also have another haul coming soon, which contains a few more higher end pieces from Sephora and duty free, so be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' to know when that is up :)


  1. You picked up so many great things. I have been loving the Formula X The System set and their nail polishes :-D x

    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

    1. Thanks Christine! The Formula X nail polishes are amazing, I should have brought more - haha! x


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