Thursday, 15 October 2015


As I mentioned in my Monthly Buys #1, I picked up the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance. Now I have been looking for a primer/base which helps to create a more dewy and healthier look to the skin, since the weather has changed, my skin tends to look a little bit more dull. I kept coming back to this base and after reading a ton of reviews, I decided to pick it up.
I have been using it for a few weeks now and it definitely makes a difference. It almost creates a boost of luminosity to the skin, as if you have changed something in your skin care routine but you haven't! I have been either mixing it with my moisturiser or with my foundation, or I have tried using it as a subtle highlight on the tops of my cheekbones and it gives off a 'glow from within' kind of look.

As you can see it is a very cool toned pearl like shade, with super finely milled shimmer running through it. At first, the shimmer put me off however when blended into the skin, it is practically undetectable and you will not look like a disco ball. It contains anti-agers which helps to restore the skin's elasticity and wild rose extracts help to increase hydration levels. Also, the fact that it is fragrance free means it will not irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.
As a primer, I do not feel like it extends the wear of my foundation however by mixing it with my moisturiser, it helps to add a more healthy and dewy look to the skin. There is another one in the range, which is more warm toned and if you have a deeper skintone, then it will look amazing on you!

Have you tried this yet? The only thing which put me off from buying it sooner, is the price however I brought it when FeelUnique had 15% off, so it made it a lot easier.

Nude Radiance // £34

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  1. This sounds like such a lovely product and I like anything which gives me glowy and dewy skin!

    Lucy |

    1. It's an amazing base. It creates such a lovely glow on the skin :) x

  2. Wow looks so pretty! Really want to try it!
    Jabeen x

    1. I've been using it a lot more lately, and it adds such a glow to your skin - love it! x


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