Tuesday, 31 May 2016


I feel like I haven't done a haul for a long time, but having said that, I feel like I posted one only just a few weeks ago! If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know that a few weeks ago, I popped into Boots and picked up a few products from Clarins. Now I have never tried anything from Clarins before but I have been eyeing up a few products from the range, and so I just decided to take the plunge and just buy it.
I have officially finished my two favourite face creams, the Benefit Total Moisture cream and my MAC Complete Comfort cream, so I have been digging through my stash and whilst nothing really compares to the two creams, I have made it my mission to actually finish the 282893 face creams I currently have before I repurchase the two, but I'm always in the market for a new moisturiser, so when I saw that Boots had a deal going on, it just made me want to try these two products even more!
Although, my skin has been very dry and none of my creams have an SPF in it, so I picked up the Clarins HydraQuench Cream with SPF 15 (they also have the HydraQuench without SPF). This is for both normal to dry skin, so I knew, as it contains hyaluronic acid, it would help with how dry my skin has been. It also contains katafray extract, which is said to help reinforce the barrier of your skin's outer layer, to help limit dehydration, and with extracts of rowan tree, it helps to boost your skin's radiance. Plus, as it contains SPF, it's an added bonus as I do not need to worry with wearing another product on my skin.
The second product I picked up was the Clarins Instant Eye MakeUp Remover. I have heard so much about this make up remover and how great it is at removing stubborn waterproof eye make up. I prefer to use a bi-phase make up remover, as I feel like it just gets the job done quicker, especially after a long day. It is enriched with rose and cornflower waters, which is said to moisturise and soothe the skin, along with containing ultra-fine oils that have a softening effect and the added camomile extract helps to soothe and relax the skin.

I have yet to try both of these products as I'm trying to finish a few products I have on the go at the moment, but I'm actually really excited to use the make up remover and see if it lives up to the hype! Have you tried anything from Clarins before? What do I need to try next? I'm currently eyeing up the Clarins Instant concealer and the Lip Comfort oil.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Finding a base that does not irritate my skin, look cakey but also provides a decent amount of coverage, is actually quite difficult. The amount of times that I have had to return a base because it broke me out or irritated my skin, is actually quite ridiculous. However the one brand that just seems to work for me is NARS. When I heard that NARS were coming out with a new base, I was all over it. I've been using NARS bases for a few years now and they are always something I reach for whenever I'm in a rush and I do not want to think about what is going to work for me, because I know that these just do the job.
The NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (in St. Moritz - medium 1) was the first ever base I brought from NARS two years ago! In fact, I have still got the first ever review post I did on it! Like it says on the tube, it is a tinted moisturiser. It covers my redness along with evening out my skin tone, without looking cakey and it just looks like skin. I have never got along with tinted moisturisers and to be honest, I still don't. I find that they are either too dewy that the product slips and slides throughout the day or I can never find my perfect shade. But with this tinted moisturiser, it just stays put. I do not need to set it with a powder (I have dry skin) and it wears well through out the day, without clinging to any dry patches I may have or settling into any lines. Plus, the fact that it has SPF 30, is an added bonus! It is also said to help with the appearance of hyper pigmentation and dark spots.
The NARS Sheer Glow foundation (in Sante Fe - medium 2) has been hyped up in the beauty community for a very long time now and it was not until a few months ago, I finally decided to pick up a bottle. I actually had a hard time finding the right shade for me but in the end I settled with Sante Fe I was told that I'm in between Sante Fe and Barcelona but I found Barcelona to be a bit too dark for me and Stromboli looked a little too yellow so I decided to go for the lighter shade because hey, I can always pile on the bronzer - haha!
The NARS Sheer Glow foundation creates a radiant glowy finish to the skin whilst also providing a medium to full finish. I find that I can build up the coverage on my skin, and it does not look cakey at all! It also makes my skin feel hydrated and more luminous. I now understand why so many people love this foundation and have gone through numerous bottles! The only disadvantage is that it does not come with a pump and you have to buy it separately.
The newbie in my NARS base collection is the new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint (in St. Moritz - medium 1). At first, I thought this was going to be a replacement of the tinted moisturiser, as it contains the words 'skin tint', however it is a completely different product. It provides medium build able coverage to the skin, without look cakey and being oil-free. As it also contains an SPF 30, it protects your skin from the sun whilst also containing Vitamin C and E. It helps to blur out any imperfections with a 'powerful optical effect' but does not make your skin look completely flat and that's one of the reasons why I really like this product. I like some of my imperfections to show through on a day to day basis but I also like my base to even out my skin and this does just that. The rose fruit extract helps to minimise the appearance of pores along with controlling shine, and especially now since the weather has gotten a lot more warmer, this helps to control any shine that may appear throughout the day.

I did give the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation a go, however it was just a no go with my dry skin, but it did provide a great amount of coverage considering how thin the formula was! Have you tried any NARS bases? What's your favourite?

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser // £29
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation // £31
NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint // £30

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Having suffered from dark circles all my life - both due it being heredity and the fact that I don't drink enough water, I find it a little bit frustrating having to cover them with concealer. It either looks grey or just cakey, and nobody wants that! I have been using a few correctors under my eyes, which have helped to brighten and cover my dark circles like no other.
Last year, I decided to finally purchase the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach and have been using it ever since. I mean, you can even see from the pictures above that I've hit major pan - actually as I am writing this post, I am practically scrapping the sides. Bobbi Brown have a wide range of shades, so if you're interested then you'll be sure to find a shade for you. In terms of texture it is so creamy that you only need a little bit for it to go a long way. I simply apply this before applying my concealer and it helps to brighten everything up. My under eye area practically looks flawless! It doesn't look grey nor does it look dry, and it practically lasts all day
Since buying the Bobbi Brown corrector, I have become slightly obsessed with colour correcting - who knew it would have become such a craze! I picked up the Benefit Erase Paste in Deep (03)* and in comparison to the Bobbi Brown corrector, it is a lot more thicker in consistency and you can already tell by the swatch that it is a lot more peachy/orange. A little goes a long way, and you can over the top with this very quickly, I simply apply a very thin layer and blend it with my finger so it melts into the skin and when I have applied my concealer on top, my dark circles are gone. It can crease, but nothing that a setting powder won't fix.
Lastly, for a more affordable option, the NYX Dark Circle corrector is a newbie in my collection. I popped into Selfridges a few weeks back and saw this sitting on the shelf. I quickly swatched and eyeballed what I thought would be my best shade (I went for medium). It is a richly pigmented corrector, that is a lot thinner in consistency compared to the Benefit Erase Paste*, however similar to the Bobbi Brown corrector. It is similar in tone with the Benefit Erase Paste, and when comparing the Bobbi Brown corrector, it looks more yellow. Peachier tones are perfect to help counteract the blue-ish tones in your dark circles. As it is thinner in consistency, it looks a little more natural and less cakey under the eyes, and it blends easily into the skin. As it is infused with coconut oil, it does not feel/look drying on the skin.

I have also been using these on other areas on my face instead of my undereyes, I have a few scars left from breakouts (totally my fault because, like everyone else, I can't leave my break outs alone) and so, I quickly apply this over my dark scars and by applying my concealer on top, it instantly covers and does look grey or emphasise the area. With Bobbi Brown having a wider range of correctors (16 infact!) compared to Benefit and NYX, which have 3 and 4 respectively, there is definitely something for everyone. Colour correcting have become all the rage lately, so there is something for everyone on the market in terms of price and quality.

Have you tried colour correcting? What are your favourite products?

NYX Dark Circle Corrector // £6.50
Benefit Erase Paste* // £20.50
Bobbi Brown Corrector // £19.00

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Ever since I found out that Anna (from ViviannaDoesMakeup) and Lily (from LilyPebbles) were coming out with a Cult Beauty Beauty Box, I made sure that I was signed up to the subscription list so I would know when it was out, added it to my calendar and had numerous alerts on my phone - #nojoke. I've been watching and reading their blog for the past couple of years, back when Anna was in her parents house with her long hair and still working in an office and when Lily's blog was still called 'What I Heart Today'..needless to say, I've been an 'OGsubscriber' and I'm proud to see how far they've come and what they have achieved. Half of the products I use, I put it down to these two women so it was no surprise that I brought their box.
The box itself is gold and marble, so it instantly just looks great just sitting there. Inside it contains five full sized products and two travel sized products and it retails for £85, but you get about 43% saving if you brought the whole box instead of everything separately - that's huge!
The OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel has been the one product I've been wanting to get my hands on for the longest time ever! I have so many cleansers at the moment, so I kept putting it off but the fact that it came in this box, it was a winner. It is said to strengthen and revitalise your skin, whilst also washing away all the dirt and grime. The one product I have tried is the STILA Stay All Day liquid eye liner, this is probably one of the best eyeliners I've used and it literally does stay all day. The brush is so accurate that it helps to create such a sharp wing, a definite must in my collection.
The Sunday Riley Luna sleeping night oil has been incredibly hyped up in the last couple of months and so when I saw that it was in this box, I was definitely excited. It is a travel sized product, being 15ml when the full sized product is 30ml (£85). It is a blue oil which helps to correct signs of sun damage and everyday exposure to pollutants.
Another travel sized product is the BECCA Backlight priming filter which is helps to blur out any imperfections and also creating a subtle glow to the skin. The PIXI Hydrating Milky Mist has been on my list to try for ages, it is a nourishing mist containing hyaluronic acid and attracts water and helps to maintain moisture levels. Considering I have dry skin, this is right up my street as it is perfect to just spritz on throughout the day when my skin feels a little tight and irritated.

The beauty box also contains two tools, the first being The Wet Brush, which is supposed to be much better than the TangleTeezer - I've been using that for years now and it's amazing so I wonder how this will compare! The last product in the box is the Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller. Now I would have never picked this myself but when I opened the box, I tried this and it felt amazing on my skin. It was so cooling on the skin and I'll definitely use it on those days when I come back from work and my eyes are tired and sore.

It is still on the Cult Beauty website if you want to get your hands on it, I highly recommend doing so because the products inside are thoughtfully picked and are just amazing.

The Cult Beauty Box by Anna & Lily // £85