Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Having suffered from dark circles all my life - both due it being heredity and the fact that I don't drink enough water, I find it a little bit frustrating having to cover them with concealer. It either looks grey or just cakey, and nobody wants that! I have been using a few correctors under my eyes, which have helped to brighten and cover my dark circles like no other.
Last year, I decided to finally purchase the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach and have been using it ever since. I mean, you can even see from the pictures above that I've hit major pan - actually as I am writing this post, I am practically scrapping the sides. Bobbi Brown have a wide range of shades, so if you're interested then you'll be sure to find a shade for you. In terms of texture it is so creamy that you only need a little bit for it to go a long way. I simply apply this before applying my concealer and it helps to brighten everything up. My under eye area practically looks flawless! It doesn't look grey nor does it look dry, and it practically lasts all day
Since buying the Bobbi Brown corrector, I have become slightly obsessed with colour correcting - who knew it would have become such a craze! I picked up the Benefit Erase Paste in Deep (03)* and in comparison to the Bobbi Brown corrector, it is a lot more thicker in consistency and you can already tell by the swatch that it is a lot more peachy/orange. A little goes a long way, and you can over the top with this very quickly, I simply apply a very thin layer and blend it with my finger so it melts into the skin and when I have applied my concealer on top, my dark circles are gone. It can crease, but nothing that a setting powder won't fix.
Lastly, for a more affordable option, the NYX Dark Circle corrector is a newbie in my collection. I popped into Selfridges a few weeks back and saw this sitting on the shelf. I quickly swatched and eyeballed what I thought would be my best shade (I went for medium). It is a richly pigmented corrector, that is a lot thinner in consistency compared to the Benefit Erase Paste*, however similar to the Bobbi Brown corrector. It is similar in tone with the Benefit Erase Paste, and when comparing the Bobbi Brown corrector, it looks more yellow. Peachier tones are perfect to help counteract the blue-ish tones in your dark circles. As it is thinner in consistency, it looks a little more natural and less cakey under the eyes, and it blends easily into the skin. As it is infused with coconut oil, it does not feel/look drying on the skin.

I have also been using these on other areas on my face instead of my undereyes, I have a few scars left from breakouts (totally my fault because, like everyone else, I can't leave my break outs alone) and so, I quickly apply this over my dark scars and by applying my concealer on top, it instantly covers and does look grey or emphasise the area. With Bobbi Brown having a wider range of correctors (16 infact!) compared to Benefit and NYX, which have 3 and 4 respectively, there is definitely something for everyone. Colour correcting have become all the rage lately, so there is something for everyone on the market in terms of price and quality.

Have you tried colour correcting? What are your favourite products?

NYX Dark Circle Corrector // £6.50
Benefit Erase Paste* // £20.50
Bobbi Brown Corrector // £19.00

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