Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Unless you've been hiding under a rock, Benefit Cosmetics are releasing brand new brow products later on in the month. The entire range consists of older loved products like the Benefit BrowZings (one of my favourite products!) and GimmeBrow, and newer products like the Goof Poof Brow Pencil - which is actually free with this month's copy of ELLE magazine. It has been completely redesigned, and like all things Benefit Cosmetics, the entire range looks stunning and just screams Benefit!
The Goof Poof Brow Pencil has a slanted teardrop-shaped tip, which actually makes all the difference when I'm in a rush in the morning - which is most mornings haha! I find because it has a slanted tip, I can fill in my brows a lot quicker and as the formula is on the drier side and it has a sharp tip, it means I can add in any fine hairs in spaces that need more definition, without using too much product. It is a 12 hour waterproof pencil and one of the best things about this pencil, is that it comes in six different shades! So you will be able to find a shade that suits your brows perfectly!
I picked up two, not realising that they both contained two different shades. So I have been using shade 2 (perfect if you have blonde hair) for the front of my brows and for shade 6 to fill in the rest of my brows, and let me tell you..they look do really look 'wow'! I have been loyal to my favourite drugstore eyebrow pencil, which is the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil (I have gone through so many in the past couple of years) but I feel like this might knock it from being number one, especially because it comes in more shades.

The entire range looks absolutely amazing and I cannot wait until I can pick up the rest of the products. I am currently eyeing up Ka-BROW! Have you tried the new Benefit brow products yet?

Available 24th June


  1. I also picked this up from Elle magazine and I've been really loving it

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Okay so i need to get this, i noticed the magazine but decided not to get but everyone's posts is telling me to grab it haha x
    Love Vicki |


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