Saturday, 18 March 2017


Whenever I go to Selfridges, I have always walked straight through the fragrance hall and never batted an eyelid. Although, this all changed about two years or so ago when I was walking out of Selfridges and I went past the Armani/Prive stand. I still do not understand why I stopped but I did and I discovered the Armani/Prive Pivoine Suzhou perfume. I finished an entire bottle and when I was in Selfridges last month, I picked up another bottle and that's when I knew that this is probably my favourite perfume...ever! It is definitely not your average fragrance and it is a pricey little bottle but it lasts for days on the skin and your clothes. I literally spritz it on my neck and I can still smell it throughout the day. It is inspired by the gardens of Asia and in particular the peony. It is definitely a floral and feminine scent, so if that is not up your street, I would definitely suggest checking out the rest of the scents in the range, as there are so many to choose from!

Whenever I wear this perfume, I always get asked what I'm wearing - and that never happens! Pivoine Suzhou is not overpowering by any means, even though it is a floral scent, it is still light and crisp. With notes of juicy mandarin, pink pepper, raspberry and base notes of rose, amber, patchouli and musk, it is perfect to wear at anytime of day. 

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